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Mourdock, Akins are out! Do NOT Declare a War on Women!

Todd Akins conceding

This news was almost as good as Obama winning.

Todd Akins is the Missouri Republican congressman who informed a reporter that a woman’s body can prevent pregnancy after a “legitimate” rape. What’s even more sweet is that Akins was ousted by a woman. Senator Claire McCaskill (D) took his seat.

Richard Mourdock, the Indiana GOP U.S. Senate candidate, fell on his face for basically the same reason. Mourdock declared that he opposed aborting pregnancies conceived in rape because “it is something that God intended to happen.” Joe Donnelly (D) took his seat.

I would love to know if the numbers will be available on female vs male for the number of votes for the replacements. I’m sure they are but haven’t been able to locate the stats yet. Either way, more women, or men supporting women, a big THANK YOU for those people who voted these two troglodytes out of office.

I hope this is a lesson for the rest of the troglodyte men in Congress, and the women who want to control other women’s reproductive system… please, let a woman decide for herself what she will do with a pregnancy. This is between her and her doctor. Not her and the government.

Protesting Todd Akins. Sept. 2011

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  1. I think a good part of the reason Chicago was cheering in the streets last night is that Joe Walsh is gone…Tammy Duckworth in.

    • Ohhhh… that’s who I haven’t looked up yet. Jueseppi said Walsh was out and I didn’t make that connection. Oh, how wonderful!!!! Oh, I’m so glad that she made it in. An incredible woman!!!!

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