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Voter Determination. Don’t tell them they can’t vote.

Talk about some very determined and dedicated US citizens. Here are a few that went above and beyond what most people do in order to vote. Alas, if only all people in our country were this passionate about our government. I have a feeling there would be a lot less corruption as well as foolish politicians. After all, several idiots were just voted out. There were enough people who cared and were tired of the far right and anti-women ways.

Back to the topic at hand, though, else I will go on forever. Here are a few people who were going to vote… no matter what.


Galicia Malone was in labor when she cast her vote Tuesday morning. (Photo: Cook County Clerks Office)

The woman in labor who insisted on voting on the way to the hospital

I heard about this on TV and the radio. But if you have not yet heard the news, this is a true vote-casting citizen who wouldn’t let a minor thing like labor stop her from voting for Obama. This is the devotion that the Republicans failed to recognize because it is foreign to them. Illinois resident Galicia Malone’s contractions were 5 minutes apart, and her water had already broken. Her labor started at 3 AM but she refused to go to the hospital until after the polls opened. Then on the way to the hospital, while having contractions, 21-year-old Galicia stopped to cast her vote.

The expectant mother told WBBM Newsradio. “That’s what I kept telling myself, ‘Read and breathe, read and breathe’.”

FYI… She also mentioned that she grew up watching Sesame Street and PBS. I imagine she wanted her new daughter to have those same memories.


The man who died and came back to vote

In Southfield Township outside of Detroit, MI, on Monday, an elderly man was completing his absentee ballot when he literally died. His heart stopped. His wife who was present to help him complete his form yelled for help. Another voter, Ty Houston, raced to assist. Using CPR, Houston brought the elderly voter back to life. The revived man knew who he was as well as his wife’s name, and after confirming the names, his next question surprised them all. He asked, “Did I vote?”

Of course his wife was shocked and told him that his life is all she’s concerned about, to which he replied that there are only two things that are important to him. He listed the two items: “That I love you and that I finished what I came here to do … vote.”

Their names were not given nor did they disclose who he voted for.


Hurricane Sandy

The Hurricane victims who didn’t let a lack of electricity keep them from voting

There are two groups of people that went through extraordinary odds to make voting happen in New York and New Jersey. Both those that run the voting booths, and the voters themselves. Why are these specific people so special? Because Sandy wiped many polling stations as well as took away the power.

The governors of both states deserve a ton of credit as well. They allowed people to submit their votes by fax and email – which I, personally, have never heard done before – and were allowed to vote outside of their designated station. Additionally, tents with fuel-ran generators were erected and voters stood in line out in the cold to cast their votes in these impromptu voting stations.

It’s times like as well as people like these people this that make me love America once again. With Romney and the likes of Akin and Mourdock, I was beginning to lose that love for my country with serious consideration of moving to Canada if Romney had won. This election helped bring it back. Now, if both parties will stop squabbling and start working together then we will make some serious progress.

Tent voting in NY. AP.


The famous rapper who paid people to vote

Rapper The Game wasn’t letting New Yorkers use Hurricane Sandy as an excuse not to vote on Tuesday. At the time he talked to TMZ, which was 2:30 PM EST, he had already given out $10,000 to 500 voters who had been stranded by Sandy to use to help them get to their polls by helping pay for gas or whatever transportation that they needed to use.

The Game even helped shuttle people to the polls. Game also claimed that he didn’t provide that help to influence anyone to vote for Obama, and he added that, “O doesn’t need the help.”

Dorothy Ann Van. AP.

I’m not a fan of rap, but I am now a fan of rapper The Game.


The displaced people who went out for mobile voting stations

A voting van made the rounds in New Jersey and Dorothy Ann Van (name is pure coincidence) made use of it’s service. After Hurricane Sandy destroyed her home, Dorothy found herself homeless. But not unable to vote.


And the rest

Long lines and bitter cold weather did not stop people from voting. Also, when scrubbing through images posted in Time’s Swampland “Election 2012: Photos From the Finish Line,” I came across this photograph which shows determination of another kind. This picture truly speaks a thousand words.

Never underestimate the will and determination of people who believe.

A cardboard sign points to a polling place in Philadelphia, Pa., on Nov. 6, 2012. JESSICA KOURKOUNIS / GETTY IMAGES


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