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The Parting Shot for November 9, 2012

It’s a mini-owl! Actually, it’s a juvenile.
I didn’t realize they had feathers at that age. It is precious, fits right in your hand.

Credit:  Unknown


  1. I always thought owls were beautiful creatures. And to be honest, they stand for intelligence and I’ve always been a mind f*cker LOL 🙂

  2. That looks like a northern saw wet owl. We had a pair move into our attic two years ago. I loved having them, my wife did not ;-). They make the most amazing, subtle sound. You can google it to hear the sound. It took me a week to figure out it was not a furnace fan based squeak but was in fact the owls vocalizing. When I finally figured out they were up there, I opened up the hatch to the attic and the pair both flew to a rafter a dozen feet from me and just stared at me. They were not much bigger than the one pictured. Unfortunately my investigating them scared them off, and they moved out before nesting.

  3. I love the photo and yes, the owl is very cute. But I’m surprised that whoever is holding the owl is bare handed and not wearing protective gloves. Even though this owl isn’t full grown, and I don’t see talons on the toes, which is surprising, the owl’s beak could still deliver a nasty bite.

    When I was an early teenager, I was a volunteer at our public school science center, and we had a few owls there, including a large and very cool Great Horned Owl, that although impressive looking, was quite bad tempered and dangerous. So only adults were allowed to handle and care for him, and even they looked somewhat anxious when dealing with him. Even our smallest owl, a Screech Owl that looked something like the juvenile here in your photo, and only slightly larger, was always handled with heavy leather gloves. He wasn’t very aggressive, but one bite from his beak on a bare hand would require an ER visit, and he could easily sink his talons into your hand if you weren’t wearing leather gloves for protection.

    But I enjoyed seeing this photo, since it obviously brought back some fond memories from a long time ago.

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