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The Parting Shot for November 11, 2012

I so want to do this!
I love how one eye is upside down, and they’re different colors.
A lot of creative fun can come out of this concept.

Credit:  chickchick


  1. I just finished a comment on another blog in which I expressed some wistful nostalgia for the hallucinogenic days of my youth. But one look at this image, and now I’m very glad that I’m not tripping at this moment, cause THIS would weird me out for sure!

    Just kidding, Michelle. 😀 It’s very bizarre but also very cool, in a disturbing sort of way. Lol 🙂

  2. My wife has an iPad. I took it and used the “face time” camera on the front to get so close that you cant tell what it is. I put a metalized marble in my mouth and used the ‘kaleidoscope’ trick selection. The results were very,very weird and so close that you can’t
    tell what the subject matter is. I am going to try the back camera in front of the mirror so I can see what I am getting. The back camera has more pixels and it may be too sharp. Part of the effect is to get too close to see much texture (too close to focus) and then pump up the color and contrast (the only choice).

    I love the shot you sent with the multiple cameras in black and white. Very Man Rayish.


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