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I would LOVE to ride these balls!

Ha! Caught your attention, didn’t I? But I’m not lying, I really would love to ride these balls!

The “Ball Rider“, by Wolfram Design, Germany, is a light-weight “vehicle,” of sorts, in which you can sit and ride downhill; stand and ride like a skateboard; and even float on it and use a kayak paddle to get around. My thrill-seeking days are winding down, so sitting would be my best option. So long as I have a nice cushion under my tush to protect my once-broken tailbone.

Here are a couple videos. The first one is way too long. What you watch in the first 30 seconds is pretty much the same throughout the rest of the video. Just diffent locals and camera angles. Then the next video is a quickie on water.

Now, I would LOVE to ride these balls!

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    • There are several more videos on their website and in one it shows him picking it up and carrying tucked under his arm. It didn’t look all that heavy. But you’re right, though. Just set up some tow-rope then the rider can ride UP the hill.

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