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Motley Dogs is once again a “Howling” good time!

I have a few other “Motley” sites, but with a busy life like most people, you know, that wonderful thing we call “work”, I simply do not have the time to keep up on all of them, except one other besides Motley News. It is Motley Dogs.

Those who have been hanging around ol’ Motley News here for a while knows that dogs are a huge part of my life. But even then, Motley Dogs was put on the back burner for several months. I started to give Motley Dogs a “face lift” (a new layout and theme), but just could not seem to find the time needed to complete this task until just recently, so she is now done. Although last night I just about gave myself a heart attack.

I entered some code into a php file, and since I always make a copy of a file to save before I make any changes to it, then playing with the code has always been relatively safe. If the new code doesn’t work then I typically drop the correct code back in and keep trying until I finally get it figured out – or give up.

Last night was completely different. I am not very good with php files. But through the forum, I found the code and figured I was safe, so I dropped it in… and Motley Dogs crashed, and I mean crashed HARD! A white screen with one line of text at the top telling me that it no longer likes that php file I corrupted. I could not access anything, neither from the front end nor the back end (viewer versus admin). If I cannot access the admin, then how can I drop the good code back in? I was panicking.

Then I realized all I had to do was go into the ftp, find the file I effed up and overwrite it was the correct file. And BAM, Motley Dogs came right back up, although I had a dozen mini-strokes and heart attacks in the meantime. As far as that code goes I tried, it is a good code… I had dropped it into the wrong php file. Stoopid!!!

Whether you are a dog-lover or not, come by and check out Motley Dogs and her new look. The home page is actually a conglomeration of widgets rather than a rolling blog. So poke around until something tickles your fancy feast (wait, that’s cat food), and check it out. Also, if you see a post that’s out of whack, please let me know. The primary column is more narrow with the new design so some posts have photos and videos that but out into a sidebar.

The most recent posts are:

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The Best Pictures of Dogs #11
Doggie Does the Hula Dance

I will NOT say, “Don’t forget to subscribe….” because I think that’s tacky as hell – although by proclaiming that I won’t say it is, in fact, suggesting it. So, bookmark it!!! Just kidding. You can sub via email notification or via RSS if you want. Or if you’re like me and having a hard time keeping up with the ones you already sub, no worries. I just hope you enjoy your visit and will return to Motley Dogs again some day soon.



    • LOL… I was close. I was close. I thought, “call GoDaddy.” Then realized I couldn’t because this was a wordpress issue and they will not take those calls, which I understand. otherwise they’d be solving all kinds of non-hosting issues. And I couldn’t call WordPress since there’s no number to call, just emails only. Finally I realized how easy it would be.

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