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American Kennel Club Approves AKC Label on Dog Treats from China

When I saw “Manufactured in China” on the back of an “American Kennel Club” pork hide treat packaging (below), you could have knocked me over with a feather – or dog fur in this case.

Ollie is a friend’s little toy poodle who often comes to visit during the holidays while his mom goes out of town to see family. This Thanksgiving is no different. Ollie is a cutie. A whiner, but cute. Sadly his mother feeds him grocery store crap, but he’s healthy and happy, so enough said there.

I picked up one of his treat bags and saw the AKC name and logo and could tell it was what we call “junk food for dogs,” which in moderation is fine. But I most definitely was NOT expecting to see that this product was manufactured in China. I inspected the package more closely thinking that perhaps some fly-by-night company is illegally using the AKC name, but no. In the bottom right corner it clearly states, “AKC American Kennel Club and the trademarks, logos and designs are trademarks of The American Kennel Club Inc. Used with permission.”

China-made dog food and treats have come under close scrutiny recently due to pet owners claiming that their pets became sick, with some dying, due to being fed food products from China. When I saw the AKC approved their name on a product that is made in China, it just blew me away. Do they even realize what exactly their name is being stamped upon?

In playing “Devil’s Advocate” now, let’s argue that the sick pets in the news were actually ill from another reason, not from dog treats from China. Besides putting the AKC name on a product which is very controversial these days, is this not the AMERICAN Kennel Club? I don’t recall registering any of my dogs to the Chinese Kennel Club. When I run my dog in agility trials, they run in AMERICAN Kennel Club agility trials, not the Chinese Kennel Club agility trials.

Shame on you, American Kennel Club, for allowing your name to be put on a dog treat from China. Both for the dog’s health and because you are not supporting American-made products and the jobs required to manufacture American-made products.

Photos below are my property.  Feel free to use, simply credit “Motley News.” Thanks.

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    • Ayup. China products, bad. US products, good. Actually, in one of the links below, the FHA has been unable to determine if it was the Chinese products that made the dogs sick. Even then, they should only put their name on US made products.

  1. The other thing that bothers me is the “not for human consumption”. I am one of those that believes if my dog is going to eat it,I better be able to also.Not that I would like the taste.:) Shame on the AKC…

    • Hope you don’t mean …China Kennel Club.. Just kidding.. It is crazy well known company AKC
      Because of the almighty dollar, just as everything else, they dont care dogs are alive, if they are alive,they have feelings, if they have feelings …they feel pain, and we as parents of our pets feel the pain worse,. I lost my Mystie.. Like a child 16 yrs old. Nd to lose bcause money means more to these companie, do more research look at thevideos of the chinese taking dogs off the stret nd just slucing aluve in a truck, and USA still allows that shit to kill our pets. Sorry for all the yakking, but i am furious, especially the name they use AMERICAN.. no way!
      There I said my peace. BTW the videos ar heatbeaking,u will cy with anger!

      • We must be talking about the ‘Un-American Kennel Club’. They not only place their AKC label on treats…also car seat protectors (which I received as a gift)and I have not found any of their products stamped AKC that are made in the USA.

  2. For many years I have used the “Advantage” flea treatments for dogs and cats. I would get it at the Veterinarian and he would tell me that pet store “Advantage” was counterfeit. The pet store was less $$ and I called the “Advantage” manufacturer. The told me that “Advantage” was only sold through veterinarians and that PET FOOD STORES COULDN’T SELL IT. After a few years went buy I broke down and bought some from the pet food store; they assured me that it WAS “Advantage”. IT WASN’T and didn’t work at all. I once again called the manufacturer and they told me that it was counterfeit. They told me that the packaging and the tubes were flawless fakes. The packaging was perfect and the tubes even had serial numbers. I confronted the store and they flat out denied that the “Advantage” wasn’t the real thing. The Vet said I ‘told you so”.

    It has become in the last year or so a product that pet food stores are allowed to sell. Is it still fake???? I don’t know. It sure costs a lot of money.


    • Huh… that’s interesting.

      When it comes to flea treatment, just look at the ingredients. If the knock off is the same, then it’s fine. If not, pass on it.

  3. The AKC does not seem to know where their treats are made: I emailed the AKC, and here is what happened; email: ‘I buy treats for my dogs regularly, but could not find treats with AKC name on them, that were made in the USA…is there such a thing?’ Their reply email; ‘Mary, Thank you for contacting the American Kennel Club. Treats with the AKC logo on them would be sold by Pet Brands. They can be reached at 1-866-396-DOGS for information on where they are made. Have a nice day. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. If a reply is necessary, please include all previous correspondence. Thank you and have a nice day. Karin, CSR14, AKC Customer Service Representative, http:/, 919-233-9767’. I have not, but will be contacting ‘Pet Brands’, I will keep you updated.

      • I tried to track down the ‘Pet Brands’ company, on line and they are elusive. I can not find on their web page that they acknowledge AKC treats as theirs. I should think that they would ‘brag’ some to partner with such a name as AKC. I will call them today, and see what they have to say. I have rescued dogs, cats and a few assorted animals for 40 years and I love my dogs, so they only get the good stuff and nothing from China. I called Purina recently, and learned that if a treat is made in the USA, it does not have to state where it is made, but if it is made outside of the United States that it must state the fact…I am still learning!

        • Sometimes I find a product that says “Packaged in the USA” (or similar). But not “Made in the USA.” But I cannot find any reference to where it was made. I’d like to know what’s up with this? Personally, I put it back. I’ll only buy something if I know, for sure, where it’s made. Preferably US, but some European countries are okay. Although I generally don’t see any.

        • I called ‘PetBrands’, got a recording, left a message w/contact info, we’ll see if they respond, I hope that they do.

    • The only product I’ve consistently heard there have been health problems are products from China. I’ve not heard anything negative about Ireland. But I refuse, and will never purchase, any dog food/treat/chewie/etc. made in China.

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