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Elementary School Shooting, Newtown CT. Children dead. HOW MANY MORE HAVE TO DIE?

ht_newton_bee_school_shooting_nt_121214_wgAnother school shooting. This time an elementary school in Newtown CT. Details are still unconfirmed and sketchy as this literally happened just a few hours ago. I have heard anywhere from 14 up into the mid-20’s killed. The shooter is reported dead, as well. The age of the deceased is unknown, whether there are children or all adults. Quick update: Ed Schultz just said 18 children and 8 adults…. Over 100 rounds fired.

How many more innocent people have to die before something is done about our gun laws? I do not have any answers as what should be done, but something! Obviously how our laws stand now, innocent people and children are being killed. To do nothing is to condone these murders.

Although I have never been as radical as NRA supporters, I have always believed in the right to carry arms. I’m not saying we need to do away with all firearms – although I’m moving that direction – but it is now proving to be out of control. Guns are so easy to obtain, both legally and illegally. Plus there is no need for automatic or even semi-automatic weapons for the general public. These were created purely for the purpose of killing. Actually, as an afterthought, the NRA can kiss my ass. This needs to stop!!! I have had enough, and I’m sure most other people have, too. Thank goodness I don’t have children, but if I did, I would probably pull them out of school and start home schooling.

Also, please… don’t give me that “our forefathers fought for our right to bear arms.” Yes, they did. But 200+ years ago, I am confident they did not have any visions of assault rifles and mass school shootings, etc. If they could see this now, I’m sure they would be right there in DC changing our gun laws immediately.

Why schools?? Why the children?? Yes, I’m posting this out of anger and frustration, but feel the need to do so. I’m sure I will follow up later after I have found out the details.


ABC News: More Than a Dozen Killed, Including Children, at Connecticut Elementary School Shooting
Chicago Tribune: Connecticut school shooting: Reports say more than dozen dead


  1. Harsh gun laws here but still last week a teacher was killed in the school by an “unknown assailant” who came in apparently because his child had gotten poor marks…………..

      • Difficult when there are so many Soviet and US made guns around given to various factions of “Freedom fighters” who then sold them on to others or are making a living out of armed robbery.

    • Thanks. I heard something on the radio (internet radio – I don’t have a TV in my office – I wouldn’t be able to work if I did). Anyway, something about the authorities have found his mother dead and she may have been a school teacher there; and they have also found his father dead in New Jersey. I’m getting ready to take a computer break and go see what’s on the boob tube news. Thanks for the link!!

        • Well, this event has pushed me over to the “no guns” side. I’ve been neutral since I grew up with hunters and guns. And there was more respect for the guns than we had for our parents (kidding, kind of). They were locked up unloaded and we never pointed them at anything or anyone unless we meant to kill it. So never pointed at people. Anyway….. This one did it. I’m tired of this. Something needs to be done and I have no problem with getting rid of the beasts.

        • I’ve been against guns for a very long time. What pisses me off, is that when something like this happens. the NRA clams up, and/or if they do say anything, its the old we need to protect ourselves, so we must keep letting the people have guns. I say BULLSHIT!!!

  2. Good question Michelle. My dad and brothers were all Army marksmen and shot rifles for hunting and target practice. Like you, I grew up with respect for the weapon. What fries me is that guns can be bought at gun shows or on line w/o any background check, including assault weapons and extra round mags. I believe this is the place to start. Also, just like driving a car, a person looking to buy a gun should have to pass a written exam showing they know gun laws and how to handle guns responsibly. Then an actual test to show they know how to transport, clean, store, etc. the weapon they want to buy.

    I know the NRA would have fits to have to submit to any of this but, I’m certain a lot of conflict wouldn’t end in injury and/or death if people didn’t misuse the privilage granted by the second amendment.

    ( End of rant )

    • I think that a psychiatric exam needs to be taken as well. Not a test, an actual exam by a doctor. Now, I’m not opposed to lighter requirements for hunting rifles, but that’s it. And I mean purely a hunting rifle.

  3. Like you, I was raised with guns. Had one of my own. I’ve always supported the right to own a gun — with strict laws regulating that ownership. But I’ve become increasingly intolerant of guns and today am just about ready to chuck the Second Amendment entirely. I think gun owners and the NRA have lost any reasonable pretext they might have once had to own guns because they have not been advocating for the strict regulation of guns. They have been remiss and irresponsible in their advocacy; they have refused to police themselves or let others do it. They have created our current gun-crazed environment.

  4. Next day. 20 children ( just babies ages 5-10) 6 adults…Plus i guess the shooter himself the COWARD!!! I am sad and angry and just Where does this stop? These are little people not targets for someones messy mind!!! Damn I cannot stop choking up over this. Keep us up dated You are my best news source as I don’t really trust F-X Thank You from Alabama.

    • Thank you so much for the compliment, Mary. And don’t trust FOX. I cannot even surf past their channel on TV. CNN and MSNBC is what I watch on TV, but must be careful. They like to manipulate news info to increase their ratings.

      This is Obama’s one big chance of a presidential lifetime to really doing something very powerful, and that is change our gun laws and restrictions. It needs to be done. The shock has worn off since I wrote this the other day, so thinking more clearly now. Guns will never go away, and the NRA radicals need to understand that’s not what people want. We need to get it under control. The NRA’s greed has proven their irresponsibility and lack of concern for citizens… especially 20 children having a good day in school and thinking of Christmas.

    • It didn’t even occur to me to find his FB page, or look for info on FB. Yesterday was probably the winner of the number of different stories all flying from all the news feeds. His mom was teaching and he killed her there. Dad was found dead in his home. Adam is a autistic savant (no, just think of Rainman), etc etc etc.

      This massacre has really turned this country upside down. Anybody with morals and a conscience were affected by this, and probably many who are typically a very foul psychopath. Oh, I think Obama was very moved, no doubt about that. Now whether something is actually done, I don’t know. But this is the straw that broke the camel’s back, so there will be some movement towards stricter gun laws… which we need horribly!

      And I’m so SICK and tired of gung-ho gun owners crying “they’re going to take our guns away!” NO, we’re not. But we will hopefully limit the type of guns you can buy as well as jumping through more hoops to buy one. Any assault weapon that was designed for military use has NO business being on our city streets. None.

      These crazies have to realize that the last several mass shootings were by people with no background and had legal guns. My gun-owning friend who is too pro-gun for me commented on FB that we need to take better care of the mentally ill. Which we do, I won’t argue that. But there is no indication that this guy was mentally unstable. Just because he can shoot a bunch of innocent children were you and I cannot does not mean he’s mental. And even if he was imbalanced, without any prior bad behavior, there’s nothing that can be done. Think about it, 99.99% of the people diagnosed as mentally unstable do not go around shooting people and children.

      Okay… I have to stop. This one has pushed me over the edge, too, and I would just love to see all the guns just go away.

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