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NRA Issues Press Release

200px-National_Rifle_Association.svgGratefully, the NRA went quiet after the shootings occurred in Newtown CT. A small amount citizens still carried on about “my right to bear arms” and cried that their guns will be taken from them. That is not true, and I hope these same people get their priorities straightened out.

In fact, a close friend of mine even made a comment about how she has a right to protect her family and home, and it was all I could do to keep my mouth shut and just walk away. No one is wanting to deny anyone of this right. But flying from San Francisco to LA doesn’t require the space shuttle either. And the pilot doesn’t become a pilot simply by filling out a form and paying a fee. There are qualifications to meet. In the wake of these murders, anyone who is more concerned about their guns than they are the lose of these innocent, trusting children can take their guns and put them were the sun doesn’t shine…. But please don’t fire them when you do. Even I don’t wish that on anyone.

I think the reason why this shooting affected the public like it has, besides their young age, is because these children trusted us – trusted us as adults. And we let them down. Yes, all of us. Society as a whole.

Today, the NRA confirmed that they are still here by issuing a short, but very serious press release. Sadly, it took this horrific event to finally get the NRA to realize how out of control our guns laws have become. At least that is the undertone of their press release. We will all find out on Friday when they hold a “major news conference in the Washington, DC area.”

I have heard several extreme die-hard NRA supporters finally admit that something needs to be done. There really is no arguing this fact any more.

Here is a screenshot of the press release which is posted on the NRA website. You may also download a pdf copy here, if you like.

Let’s hope humanity and wisdom start prevailing from here on out.

NRA press release snapshot


    • It is probably their emotions right now. All of America is on an emotional roller coaster right now. After this event starts to settle and action starts moving, they’ll probably revert back to their hard-core closed-minded beliefs.

  1. Hopefully, they’ll engage in useful conversation. I don’t think guns should be banned wholesale either, just that there should be more responsibility stressed.

    • I do not see the need for high capacity magazines (is that what they’re called? My gun terminology is very weak.) The only purpose there is to kill as many people as possible in as short an amount of time possible. I also see no need for an assault rifle.

      Let’s say that high capacity and assault rifles are banned, except for police, military and a few others. This would be a good opportunity for gun shooting ranges to offer a new option and that is to rent one what’s been banned to be able to fire at the range. Not to take out. Yes?

  2. Did the NRA REALLY think they were softening their stance by saying their membership was composed of dads, moms, sons and daughters? (so what!) So is every other evil group.
    I think their problem is, they have an all or nothing mindset about gun laws, that any enforcement is tanamount to raiding their homes and taking their guns.
    I’m encouraged to read that Joe Biden is on this. I like ol’ Joe. He seems like a real ‘kick ass and take names’ kinda guy. I hope he can make some sense of this mess before we have another tragedy.

    • Yeah, I saw on the news just a while ago Biden has been given this duty. I hope something can be worked out. The NRA is going to have to give on some things. They just have to. Whether they will still remains to be seen.

  3. I predict that the “meaningful contributions” the NRA will make will include lobbying for law changes that allow for the carrying of concealed weapons in more places including public schools, law changes for quicker and simpler access to concealed carry permits, and political donations to candidates that support those goals.

    This is based on my belief that the NRA speaks for the gun manufacturers, not the dads, moms, sons, and daughters. And they use terms like ‘self defense’, ‘constitutional rights’ and ‘liberty’ as a smoke screen to obscure that fact from their members and the public at large.

  4. I have been having some serious issues with ‘The Devil’s Lunchbox’ which is the proper name for the net book with the antique softwear. The ‘eve of destruction’ came early for the net book. 12-13-12 at mid-day I lost my Wi-Fi. The net book is particular and won’t do ATT. This may be because of my antique softwear. I am the Public Library and my battery is weakening. There are “Wizards” in the net book (so it says) and there is a Wizard at the Library name of Willie. I am going to try and get him to take take ‘The Devil’s Lunchbox’ home and perhaps ‘tune it up’. It has been hiding upgrades from me….this because I am ignorant of these sort of things.

    I WILL BE BACK!!!! I will have something to say about guns. There isn’t anything that is unequivocally good about them. They make you crazy paranoid, they make lots of noise (my hearing has suffered) and they only destroy. In this country we have so many that I can’t imagine a way to get rid of them. The official count is just less than one for EVERYONE. The unofficial count must be much higher. THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM. It is perhaps a problem with people and not the guns at all. Maybe extinction is the only real answer? I don’t know…I am just not smart enough. The climate change may be the answer. Be one or die.


    • And now gun sales have soared because the crazies think we’re going to outlaw them all. idiots. Actually, a lot of people are buying assault rifles as they probably (hopefully) will be difficult to buy. But what they need to add to that idea is not only making it more difficult to buy assault rifles, guns, whatever, is actually making it even harder to get the ammo for it. Sure if you qualify own the firearm. But no ammo, can’t fire it.

      I bought myself a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 for Christmas and love it! Although I wouldn’t want to use it to post anything, and definitely cannot for building sites or doing graphics, it’s handy to have for general web surfing. I lay in bad at night and check my sites (stats), emails, FB, and play games. And it is SO much lighter and more convenient than a laptop – which I have two of those. My old Vista laptop now has Ubuntu on it (a Linux OS). Then my Win 7 laptop, which I bought from my boss when I left my previous job in October. I had been using that laptop for a couple years and have a lot of info on it, plus software I had bought, so just decided to keep it.

      You can also try Ubuntu sometime. It’s free. It’s more like a Mac OS than Windows. I love it, but my Adobe software won’t work on it. Plus the system we use for the type of work I do is only compatible on the admin side in Internet Explorer. That ticked me off when I found out. But what can I do…

  5. You know me I could say something about almost every comment on this thread … I will just note that the NRA facebook page is offline again… probably because of this “Mr. LaPierre also said that before Congress moved to pass any new gun restrictions, it should “act immediately to appropriate whatever is necessary to put armed police officers in every single school in this nation” by the time students return from winter break in January. ”


    • It’s going nuts over here. Country is divided, as usual. But there are teachers going to gun-handling classes. Gee… I wonder if they are taught what it feels like to be in a room full of gunfire, and how to keep their cool so they can make the proper judgment and just not shoot the next thing that moves.

      Well, expect more deaths from teachers (or any civilian that has not been in an active fire incident) adding to the shooter’s kills. Hell, ot’s not unusual for soldiers to pause before shooting when they’re in active fire for the first time. But their training is a bit more extensive than a civilian class.

      Oh, look! That house is burning down!! I know…. let’s go grab some gasoline to throw on it. That will help put it out!

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