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Santa! Don’t Eat the Brownies!

LMAO. This is a goodie!

Warning to Santa Do not eat brownies in CO or WA


        • It did weave poles!!! I couldn’t believe it! I screamed that out loud when I saw that. I’ll never forget when my dog hit her weave poles correctly for the first time. I jumped up and down and was whooping. She jumped up on me and we started rolling on the ground carrying on. My instructor just laughed and laughed!

  1. In the late seventies, a guy I was working with, he and his wife, cooked up some “magic brownies.” Which he brought to work with him one night, wanting to use the restroom, he laid the bag on the counter and went into the bathroom.

    Our boss came by, saw the bag, lifted two brownies out of the sack and munched away! One of the best nights we had in a long, long while. But he sure kept a sharp eye on us afterwords.

    We never did tell him of course.


    • LMAO!!! That’s hilarious! Hopefully he never just assumed it was okay to eat other peoples food without asking. In fact, best to keep quiet until your asked if you want one.

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