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The Parting Shot for December 30, 2012

“Dreams die hard and you hold them in your hands long after they’ve turned to dust.”
(Bowen in Dragonheart)

The Smoking Dragon

Image Credit:  Unknown


  1. Great picture!
    Reminded me of Harry Potter…

    Thanks for a great year of your posts adn pictures, Michelle, and I hope 2013 brings you and yours everything you hope for!

  2. When young flies and other insects. As she gets bigger larger insects, when fully grown cows and horses along with nosy neighbours. The fun comes when you teach her to fly between with you on her back…….

      • Do flying rats count? I did raise a series of orphaned city pigeons to flying, they all had the same name, with a suffix for the series. Got up to 6. All that survived were released, though a few did get munched by kites.

  3. Ooooo … gimme!! Well, er, not if it’s a standard dragon. But if it’s a miniature, like the giraffe in that famous commercial, then I definitely want one.

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