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Christie Lambastes Boehner over Ignoring Much Needed Sandy Relief Aid

Oh, wow! I’m rather speechless over New Jersey’s Gov. Chris Christie’s brutally honest news conference he gave today. Although I’m still unhappy with Christie’s veto over same-sex marriage bill in New Jersey nearly a year ago, his morals and the work he has done to fight for relief funds and help the people in his state after Hurricane Sandy hit most has definitely earned my respect. Now, THIS is the type of Republican that should run for President, not the likes that we’ve seen this past year.

Governor Chris Christie criticizing BoehnerHere are a few of the highlights:

“There’s only one group to blame for the continued suffering of these innocent victims: The House Majority and their Speaker, John Boehner.”

“We respond to innocent victims of natural disasters not as Republicans or Democrats, but as Americans. Or at least we did, until last night. Last night, politics was placed above oaths to our citizens. To me, it was disappointing and disgusting to watch.”

“Last night, the House of Representatives failed that most basic test of public service and they did so with callous indifference to the suffering of the people of my state.”

The governor said his four calls to Boehner Tuesday night went unanswered, but he did speak to the House speaker today. Christie would not disclose any details of the conversation, but clearly his anger over the no-vote was not mollified.

Rep. Peter King, R-NY, who was just as mad at Boehner, met with the speaker this afternoon and was confident that the speaker would keep his word and hold a vote later this month and offered for the first time a reason for why the bill was pulled.

According to King, “[Boehner] said there was much confusion and so much fighting going on over the fiscal cliff bill it would be damaging to the Republican caucus” to have voted on the relief bill Tuesday night.

Oh, I would be spitting mad, too! “Damaging to the Republican caucus”?? Are you kidding me? Please, Boehner, go talk to all those people and businesses destroyed from Sandy and see if they are concerned about “damage to the Republican caucus….” I’m pretty sure they’re not (she says thick with sarcasm).

Here is the “meaty” portion of Christie’s news conference today, as well as Peter King’s statement. All the power to you both, and thank you for stepping up and saying what has needed to be said for some time now. Too bad it is at the expense of thousands of people. “Shame on Congress!”


Gov Chris Christie is Disgusted with Washington Politics


Rep. King Says Boehner Promises Sandy Aid Votes

Question: The spending and funding of federal money is not one of my strong points. So, anyone know if Boehner’s stalling would have anything due to the debt ceiling he doesn’t want to raise for Obama? Or are relief funds completely separate?


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CBS News: Christie blasts Boehner on Sandy bill: “Shame on Congress”
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  1. Relief funds are part of the overall spending.
    Not too long ago, possibly for a hurricane in New Orleans (not Katrina), the House didn’t want to give money to FEMA without it offsetting it with savings elsewhere.

    King also admonished people to not give money to any republican candidates after this.

    • Thanks! Now, with the debt ceiling having been reached, and Boeher et al being a pain in the ass about raising the ceiling since it’s Obama (GOP did it 19 times for Bush)… would this possibly be why he’s being difficult?

      • I think right now it’s less about the debt ceiling and more about the attitude that the govt shouldn’t spend one red cent more than it already is, so if you want to give money for something, you have to take it away from somewhere else.
        And I completely agree with Christie and King on this.

        I don’t want anything to happen to Ohio, but I’d love to see what Boehner and Cantor would say if it did.

        • Yeah. I’m sure that’s part of it. Personally, I’d love to see their salaries cut back, but that would never fly… Dem or Rep. It’s just Boehner has a vengeance against Obama and to see the country’s credit flop while under Obama due to not raising the ceiling would be a wet dream for him.

          As bad as the tornadoes are getting, don’t be surprised to see one wipe out a town in Ohio. I know what you mean, though. Too many are like that. Gimme, but not giveyou.

  2. Screw the Republican caucus! Those people need help now! They needed it weeks ago! I saw some report last night that said aid for Katrina victims was voted on and approved just 10 days later. Relief for another hurricane took just two weeks. Sandy victims have been waiting two months.

    The stalling may be related to Boehner’s wanting to retain his position as speaker, which I think gets voted on again on the 20th (?) when everybody gets sworn in. What a jerk. I’d like to see Christie march into the Capitol, grab Boehner by his stingy little lapels, and get in his face — New Jersey style. And yes, he and Jon Huntsman are two Republicans I’d love to get a chance to vote for.

    • I liked Huntsman, too. He said something very direct during one of the early debates to another candidate that pretty much indicated he knew his priorities, and it wasn’t the looks of the GOP.

      Yup. 10 days for Katrina – which Obama had through the senate in 10 days for Sandy… it’s just been sitting there in the House while they were busy with the then-upcoming election, followed by the post-election hatred, to this shit now.

      If he’s worried about budget cuts, then I suggest not approving raises every year for starters.

    • Hey! You’re always real good at finding info out about stuff. What is this red ribbon that has appeared next to my name in the comments now? I thought, well, maybe to show it’s the author’s comment, or site admin. Nope. Yours doesn’t have it, nor anyone else’s I checked. Any idea??? Thanks!

  3. Chris Christie and Peter King, both Republicans, were on FIRE yesterday and all over the place OUTRAGED over their own party’s failure to provide funding for the Hurricane Sandy victims in their states. Notice how fast Boehner and the GOP backed down and will now address the funding? From just one day of RANTING by Christie and King?

    Why don’t Democrats fight like this for us? What prevents them from getting before a microphone, going on BLAST, getting PISSED OFF and calling out the Republican/Tea Party for their obstruction, lies and greed? Is this too much to ask? Is there something Democrats are not telling us?

    • I think this rant was because of Christie’s personality and self-esteem. That took some major elephant-sized balls to do what he did, and he has the type of personality to do it. King followed along because there is power in numbers. Besides, if a Dem were to do that, the GOP, FOX et al would just say, “oh they’re crying.” When a member of ones own party criticizes, then they’ll listen.

      This really took some huge balls, and Christie definitely has them. He showed that when he complimented Obama right after the hurricane.

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