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What do straight and gay marriages have in common with bras and bikini tops?

Thought you’d never ask…. Here is what they all have in common. And damn, it’s true! Unless you’re Madonna. But times, they are a-changin’. 

What do straight and gay marrages have in common with bras and bikini tops


    • Have to admit, that’s a pretty good analogy. I always thought it was stupid women could wear a bikini top that was the size of two pasties with string in between them. Yet if a woman walks out in a bra – and I mean a full-fledged support bra – then people freak out.

      • People, some of them, are a total waste of space on the planet. I have yet to figure out why people care what other people do. 😉

        Hope you’re having a wonderful evening.

        • Oh, just hangin. Having problems with my eyes a lot recently and having a hard time seeing. so not working on anything right now. I had to enlarge the screens to the “I’m blind” size to read stuff. I need to get to the eye doctor. Went less than a year ago and all okay. Age I suppose.

        • My diabetes has made my eyesight horrible, but I refuse to wear the glasses I have because I firmly believe glasses indeed do weaken the eye muscle the more we wear them. I have trouble with my eyes ever sense my bout with Bells Palsy….My eyes hurt, and they burn a lot. I figure it’s a combination or 3 things, diabetes, dry air in my home, and my lack of sleep.

          I wish, hope and pray your eyes improve, we need you here in the bloggersphere.

        • This has been hard. I have been severely nearsighted since I was 7 years old. Then in 2001, I got LASIK and never regretted it. For 10 years I had perfect vision. And now, it’s getting “weird.” Not like my nearsightedness. My right eye is more nearsighted, that I recognize. Blurry. But the left eye is odd. Slightly double vision with a bit of blurry. When I had my exam, they weren’t able to correct it. So I don’t know. The dryness is a problem, so lately I’ve been consciously using more eyedrops (yes, natural tears) as well as drinking a lot more water. Sometimes my vision just “appears” – it’s perfect for an hour or so. Then it goes bad again. So I have no idea what’s going on.

        • That sounds a lot like my issue as well. But I have blurry vision in both eyes until I close and reopen my eyes, rub them or add some drops, which I detest doing and find next to impossible to do. Something about keeping the eye open while i add something foreign to my eyeball, that I just can’t do.

          Some days I am good, someday it is bad. I plan to get to the eye doctor this month but I believe my diabetes is effecting my eyesight badly. But fight on we must. You, young lady, get to the eye doc and get that fixed.

    • LOL… I will actually pretty soon. New job is providing more income, so without insurance I will be able to pay for this – and I mean quality, not WalMart crap – very soon. I’ve always paid top dollar for my eyes and not about to change that now. Quality doctors have worked very well for me in the past. I will keep that going.

  1. Ms. M. you have done it again,only you can find this stuff 🙂 PLEASE do what PiedType says! We need you.Do Not make me come over there and take you by the hand…..

    • Thanks. Actually my eyes are doing pretty good today. I’m cutting back on one of my daily meds (which is okay, Doc prefers it anyway), and that may be the culprit. The vision really went bad about the time he increased this medicine. So hopefully that is all.

  2. not WalMart crap A few years back, my sister did the WalMart eyeglasses thing, and it was the biggest mistake she made. Totally fucked up the whole deal. Misquoted prices, shoddy work on the lenses, and cheap frames.

    • It’s the other way. Nearsighted. And I just bought some glasses in October, but that was from a script from an eye exam last March. So it’s just not quite right. But what started happening was it was like a film was covering my eyes. I’ve started cutting back and will eventually stop one of the med’s the doc put me on last year. Today I cut back quite a bit and my eyes are doing better. This med gives me real bad cotton mouth and very dehydrated. So have suffered from LASIK dryness to begin with, that only added to it. But I can’t just stop the med, I have to taper off. I don’t need it now anyway. I hate meds. He wants me off, too.

      But my right eye has definitely become slightly nearsighted, which is common. I’m going to find out from my surgeon as I think the LASIK had a lifetime guarantee, so will see if they will “fix” my right eye. If not, I may just pay for it. Having perfect vision has been so incredible! I don’t want to lose it.

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