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New Poll Shows Root Canals, Lice and Cockroaches Are More Popular Than Congress

Congress these days is not very popular. In fact, Congress’s likeability is at an all-time low. Never has Congress been so disliked in history. A new hilarious poll by Public Policy Polling shows Americans like some very foul items more than they do the 112th Congress which just concluded. If the new 113th Congress doesn’t get their act together, then Americans just may like gonorrhea more than the 113th. Currently, the poll shows that people still slightly favor Congress over gonorrhea. 

Here is a list of the items that those polled like more than the 112th Congress:

• Root canals (32 for Congress and 56 for the dental procedure)
• NFL replacement refs (29-56)
• Head lice (19-67)
• The rock band Nickelback (32-39) (I didn’t realize that Nickelback had fallen out of favor)
• Colonoscopies (31-58) (That’s shitty)
• Washington DC political pundits (34- 37)
• Carnies (31-39)
• Traffic jams (34-56)
• Cockroaches (43-45)
• Donald Trump (42-44) (Ouch! This has to hurt!)
• France (37-46) (France???)
• Genghis Khan (37-41)
• Used-car salesmen (32-57)
• Brussels sprouts (23-69)

Currently, Americans still like Congress more than the following:

• Telemarketers (45 for Congress and 35 for telemarketers)
• John Edwards (45-29)
• The Kardashians (49-36)
• Lobbyists (48-30)
• North Korea (61-26)
• The ebola virus (53-25)
• Lindsay Lohan (45-41)
• Fidel Castro (54-32)
• Playground bullies (43-38)
• Meth labs (60- 21)
• Communism (57-23)
• And gonorrhea (53-28)

Louse more likeable than 112th congress


  1. This survey is hilarious! Poor cockroaches get such a bad rap. Although I wouldn’t want them in my home…they have been proven to be cleaner than people as far as the bacteria they carry. Not bad for the first creature to learn how to fly and that is still more of an accomplishment than Congress can boast.

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