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NJ Gov. Christie Speaks Out on Violence Control, Gun Control and the NRA Ad

I’m really beginning to like this guy more and more every time I listen to him lately. I wish many other political leaders had the intergrity to speak what THEY think and not what they’re told and paid to think and say. 

Nothing more I can say, these video on Christie’s Youtube Channel speak for themselves. The second video about “violence control” does offer some interesting facts about the gun laws in New Jersey – and shows a lot of common sense. Many of the laws already in place is what Obama and his administration want to do for federal laws. It is not that bad, NRA-fans. Chill out!

Governor Christie On NRA Ad: It’s Reprehensible


Governor Christie: This Is About Violence Control


Governor Christie On Gun Violence: We Must Be The Grown-Ups On This Issue


Chris Christie news conference violence and gun control


  1. Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    I agree, Gov. Christie has become my favorite RepubliCANT. He speaks what he feels and feels what he speaks, with no regard for party politics. Thank you for this post Ms. Michelle.

  2. Finally there is a GOP member who has common sense.. Maybe the Bankers and the Baptists are on there way out.. No More Tom Delays.

  3. Youve got a great point there. Neverthe less, thank you for posting this, Christie is right about how the GOP and ESPECIALLY Fox News throws so many Red Herrings out there you would think it was a cannery! Thats all the right wing nutjobs have IS Emotion! The Dems have always had more veterans than the GOP, yet they question patriotism incessantly.. Like Good ol Joe McCarthy! Michelle, have you noticed Gov. Christie never talks about birth certificates, the supposed “War” on Christmas etc?The Fox News trio had a cow when he was civil to President Obama..I hope the GOP gets away from this “If you are really a Republican and love America , you will hate the President with every fiber in ones being.” Governor Christie may not be a good president, but he would be a great speaker of the house. The only reason the house has a Majority is because of Tom Delay and Jack Abramoff “Nationalized” state legislature elections (It doesnt make much sense that an honest state representative in Texas would take money from a corporation in Iowa, unless they wanted him to redraw congressional districts) and dilute minority votes.

  4. Oh and BTW (Ill shut up after this) …there is a PAC that wants to do away with the winner take all in Pres. elections and use congressional districts to determine elections.. That is …until the Dems take back over the house!

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