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Shortest Film with the Longest Credits

The “Shortest Film” is a film short about three strangers with apparent language barriers that features some seriously long credits. It was written, directed and stars John Elerick and also stars Harley Morenstein and Timothy Delaghetto. The actual film is about 15 second long, and the credit about 3-1/2 minutes. Who wants to read all those credits? 

Anyone with a sense of humor. Here are a few examples of what is to be found in the credits:

Shortest film snapshotArt Director: Art Garfunkel
Costume Supervisors: Hugo Boss
Department Head Hair: Dolly Parton
Key Hair Stylist: Elton John
Hair Stylist: The Wind

Rigging Gaffer: Fluorescent Bulb
Best Boy Rigging Gaffer: Worst Boy
Key Grip: John “Manshake” Elerick
Dolly Grip: Dolly Parton II

Computer and Video Associate: The Geek Squad
Special Effects Supervisor: Nate Hop… What’s His Last Name?
Special Effects Coordinator: That Dude Who Worked On Avitar
Special Effects Foreman: Shit, What was His Name Again?

Location Manager: Manhattan Beach
Asst Location Manager: The Pier
Parking Coordinator: Meter Maid Molly Manningham
On-Set Dresser: Who Brings a Dresser on Set?
Lead Paint Artist: Uh Bro, Lead Paint is Illegal

There are plenty more, but that’s a taste if you’re interested. Oh, and John Elerick ends it with a message to everyone.


The Laughing Squid: Shortest Film, A Film Short with Some Seriously Long Credits

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