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Xpogo – Extreme Pogo Stick Riding… or would that be bouncing?

I have to admit, as a now-retired rock-climbing adrenaline-junkie, extreme pogo-sticking is something that never crossed my mind. But why not? Looks pretty cool! Xpogo is a group of athletic individuals who show off their extreme pogo stick riding skills and tricks. 

Here is a video of their extreme pogo-sticking in New York. Their website features videos of their forays around the world in a multitude of countries including Brazil, Hong Kong, Texas (yeah, I suppose they could be considered a different country), Beijing and plenty of other places and videos all on their website, Xpogo. Let’s see if they are added into the XGames….

Xpogo – New York City


Xpogo Extreme Pogo Stick Riding NY


Xpogo extreme pogo stick riding Beijing_04


Xpogo extreme pogo stick riding Beijing_07




Laughing Squid: Xpogo, Extreme Pogo Stick Riders Who Perform Tricks Worldwide


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