Notre Dame’s Linebacker Manti Te’o’s Favorite Song

I can’t help myself…. (Video/song is below)

I have to say, if I was Manti, I would pretty much disappear from public for a long time. Long enough for this to wear off and the general public move on to other things – which would be a minimum of one year. Each year thereafter would be even “safer” to return to the public. 

So, what do you think? I’m referencing Deadspin’s recent breaking story about how Te’o’s girlfriend was non-existent. Was this a hoax Manti created? Was is he a victim of a hoax that he never caught on to? There is speculation that he may be gay, and this is a way of hiding it. Besides the backlash from the public on a player announcing he is gay, Notre Dame is, after all, a Catholic University. I doubt homosexuality goes over very well regardless of who and what gender. This doesn’t make it right or wrong… it just is what it is. The facts of an ignorant society guide people’s own actions.

So many questions…. If Manti did not create his girlfriend and someone played a horrible, HORRIBLE hoax on him, after 3 years he never went to meet her? Never talked to anyone of authority at a hospital when she was dying of leukemia? I have a real hard time with this one. That is primarily why I think he created her. Why he would have, I am not sure. I don’t think he’s gay and trying to hide anything. But did he not have the forethought to realize that this would eventually come out in the open?

One thing is for certain, if this was a big joke on him, he needs do everything within his power to clear his name – and make sure the jokester’s names are clearly brought into the limelight – perhaps prosecuted if there is some sort of charge that may be brought against them – or her.

Whatever the reason is, I do feel very sorry for him. His life will never be the same again. That having been said, I still have a little devil sitting on my left shoulder whispering in my ear to share Manti Te’o’s favorite song….

Atlanta Rhythm Section – Imaginary Lover


Manti Te'o



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  1. Great creativity in your song selection. Now I can’t get the tune out of my head. Thanks.

    Regardless of what team he bats for (yes, I know, wrong metaphor…It’s American Football, not Cricket or Baseball) I can’t understand anyone falling in love on the Internet…especially considering it being in a long term relationship without evr having met your ‘lover’. Sounds like a prison pen pal situ, sans the conjugal visit.

    • I was thinking about this more last night after I watched the news. If he is a victim, then that means the woman had to maintain carrying on a joke for over 3 years? And for what purpose? Was he sending her money? Are there any accounts under the fake name? That’s not as easy as it used to be. Did the jokester woman fall in love back with him? When she “died,” who told Manti?

      And on and on and on….. if this was for several months, it would be easier to buy it. But over 3 years???

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