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Today I captured a Woodpecker… with my camera

I am an amateur. No ifs, ands, or buts. I feel I have a better than average eye, but no where near professional. Although I LOVE wildlife, I have found I favor urban photography. I find people absolutely and utterly fascinating both from a sociological perspective as well as visual. So that is where most of my photography has been. I don’t have the patience for wildlife photography, I suppose. Having to wait sometimes for days, if not weeks or months for that perfect shot. Humph, then if I do finally get to see that critter, it’s out of my site, or partially out of site by the time I get my camera focused. I think I’ll stick to people and items that just don’t move that fast. Although I do enjoy macros photography, and there’s often plenty of time for me to focus. I just need a real macros lens…. Anyway….. 

Birds have never been an interest of mine. Sure, I enjoy them in the wild, but I do NOT like pet birds. So when I walked outside with the dogs and heard a tat-tat-tat up in the tree today, I was thrilled! Something wild that I could actually get a picture of… assuming it’s still there after I run back in to get my camera and run back out – with four dogs already out in the yard yapping at the neighbor’s dog. I lucked out. Woody Woodpecker could have cared less about those of us below him (or her?). Unfortunately, I’ve been suffering from some eye problems lately. Some days are good, some not so good. Today was a not so good. I did the best I could with focusing… hell, you should see what’s in my computer’s trash bin now. I couldn’t use the auto focus because the camera didn’t know what to focus on with all the tree branches around the bird.

So here is what I managed to salvage from a couple hundred images of one stupid woodpecker. BTW… anyone know what kind this is? I’m in New Mexico if that makes any difference.

Oh, if your not familiar with WordPress’s gallery, click on an image to view in full size, and toggle through the slides at your own pace.



  1. I know there are many who love computers and they have saved my life on a couple of occasions. When I try to change things I often fail. Actually it looks like I maybe succeeded!

    I like your bird photos. I like the upper left (#1?) best. Perhaps tighten him up and put a bright spot in his eye? I envy your talent with computers.

    Phillip ( eggsuckingpup )

  2. Photographing birds is challenging and auto focus cameras slow the process down. I agree with the consensus that this is a Downy Woodpecker and not the Hairy Woodpecker which looks very much like it and also lives in your area. Key to identification is the bill length which in the Downy is much shorter by almost half. The lack of red on the back of the head makes this the female of the species. Good for you for trying nature photography! Sorry to hear about your eyes bothering you.

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