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Video: Why Some People Should Not Own Guns | Real Gun Fails

Here we have 2-1/2 minutes of hilarious gun fails. This is why some people should not own guns. I’m willing to bet each and every one of these pistol-packin’ people carry on about how they would all be able to take down each and every one of these mass shooters if they were present in the room. 

Uh-huh…. yeah. Right. Whatever you say.

Enjoy! These are most definitely NOT the sharpest knives in the drawer – especially the dude who decided to look down the barrel of his rifle when it misfired…. FYI… All clips are G-rated. Well, probably PG.

Gun Fails: A Comprehensive Collection To Commemorate ‘Gun Appreciation Day’


Huffington Post: Gun FAILS: Second Amendment Rights Gone Wrong In Honor Of ‘Gun Appreciation Day’ (VIDEO)

Gun fails


  1. I found this frightening Michelle…stupid people with guns equals a recipe for disaster. Today on our local news was another story of a child who was hurt playing with the family gun.

  2. Michelle, That last link was hilarious!.. But it appeared that the people that discharged those firearms….DID NOT OWN THEM!!! Thats why we need a law that EXPLICITLY STATES….”YOU OWN A GUN YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHATEVER IT DOES NO MATTER WHAT STOLEN OR USED BY YOUR KIDS, WHATEVER!!!!!!!

    • I just don’t think assault rifles/guns/whatever and large capacity cartridges/magazines should be allowed anywhere except who and what they were made for – soldiers.

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