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Winter Weather Kicking Some Ass | Video Humor

This winter came in like a lamb and has definitely turned into a lion. Record-breaking frigid temperatures mixed with snow and ice make getting around a bit of a challenge. 

Here is a hilarious montage of video caps that all score 3-pointers for the Weather team and big fat 0’s plus some fouls for the People team.

It gets better as it goes along.

The People vs Winter


The Poke: The People vs. Winter

The People vs Winter


    • Yeah, they get me too but more so in the butt… Suffered a broken tailbone (not from ice, though… fell down the side of a mountain) and when I see them hit their posterior, I cringe. The kid that tried to do the cannonball into the frozen pool….. OWWWWWW!!!

      • That’s what you get for climbing a mountain for a cup of tea…oh wait, wrong post. Sorry about your injury. The guy with the banjo was pretty funny. ( what was he thinking??) As for the cow,
        sex can be dicey when it’s too icy, so best to wait till it’s warm.
        when you can stand on the grass, not fall on your ass, and not do yourself any harm.

        • LOL… Actually, my butt-break isn’t as dramatic as it sounds. I was hiking from one rock-climbing crag to another in Kentucky – so technically the foothills of the Appalachians – and stepped on a rotten log. That log was as slippery as the ice is in this video and I fell just like these folks did. But I also had about 30 lbs of climbing gear on my back and a rather steep hillside below me. So down I tumbled. The break had already occurred, though, when I hit the log.

          I got up, laughed it off, and made it to the next crag with my friends. By then, the pain was setting in and I quit climbing for that weekend. It was a horrible drive home, by myself. My roommate had some strong something-or-other pills which, gratefully, knocked me out for that night. Immediately went to the doctor. He asked if I had looked in the mirror, which I had not done. Why would I? He told me to take a look, and I was black and blue from my lower back down to my thighs…… Ever since then, my butt and subsequently my back have never been the same.

    • LOL… just watched it again. I think the reporter being blasted by the snowplow is my favorite. They are always trying to be out in the heart of it all, and she was.

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