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Is it genetic? Or were they dropped on their head as a baby?

For those who regularly come by to visit, can you tell I’ve been in a goofy mood? My last three posts are just for shits and giggles. Had a rough week with my new job, and just wanted to kick back and cruise what I call the “stupid” websites…. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Stupid, but I love them!!! Well, certain ones anyway. 

My recent discovery is a simple blog site called “FB-Troublemakers” (aka. FaceBook Troublemakers). I have actually been following their page on Facebook for months now as I can always use a good laugh from time to time. One of their Facebook posts recently linked to their website, and I have literally been scrolling through each and every post over this weekend – and laughing until tears come out of my eyes. It’s taken a lot of control to keep from posting everything from their site.

Here is one of their posts called, “Legends in their Own Minds“, which is a Facebook video of people thinking they’re going to do something really cool… but don’t. Another one of those videos where you just shake your head and wonder how some people make it through life. No, these are not stunts like in Jackass… those are too far out there and I can’t tolerate that movie, clips, shows, whatever. That’s all done for the camera and money. This is just everyday people proving that “Grace” is not their middle name.

So cringe away… but when you do, just remind yourself, everyone here voluntarily tried their little stunt.


Oh, one little treat…. if you even want to embed a Facebook video, here is a pdf file with very simple instructions and the gigya shortcode to use. All you need is the video id number from the Facebook video… Oh, and the video MUST be public. No ifs, ands, or buts on that one.

(FYI… I do so like stupid stuff like this that I bought and going to build a site of, well, funny stuff. I think I’m going to upload BuddyPress as well. Try to make it somewhat social, but limited. I just want people to be able to comment more easily. I install wordpress last night and that’s all the further I’ve gotten…. I will link it here and combine the two. This is meant to be more for news, so I don’t really like mixing in the funny stuff.)


stupid people


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