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Wonder Woman Resigns. See you in 2016, Hillary!

The title says it all. Get some good rest, you’ve got a big job ahead of you in a few years. (OMG, I’m actually choking back some tears… seriously).

Hillary Clinton as Wonder Woman


  1. Love it!

    I worry about Biden running against her in 2016 and splitting the party. They’ve both earned the right to run and have strong backgrounds, but I’d much prefer her.

    • I’m sure he’ll probably run in the primaries. But I don’t want to see him win. He’s okay, but not presidential material. Hillary is. I think Hillary would have a much greater chance of winning than Biden in the final election.

      Biden bugs me that way his face is overly animated. I watch him in the background when Obama is speaking, and he makes the oddest faces and expressions. I find it horribly annoying. I know that has nothing to do with his ability to be prez, but I don’t want to watch that animation every time he would speak.

        • Nope. Not a good thing. That’s one item I really have liked about Obama and could see that from the beginning. He doesn’t like to knee-jerk react. Prefers to get as many facts as possible before he says something. But that drives the Republicans crazy!!! Twerps.

  2. I like Joe but Hillary has proved herself beyond a doubt. Let the Democrats be the party to break that glass ceiling.
    Actually, I look forward to the day when race and/or gender make no difference in politics.

    • lol… right. Makes you wonder what ol’ Bill saw in Monica. I think Bill was attracted more to the overall circumstances than anything. Being president… the Oval Office….

  3. In my humble opinion:Hilary is one of the brightest women in American politics,as she has proven for many years.I simply admire her skills.Americans would do them self a favor voting for her as President in 2016.

    • You’re not kidding there. And she’s already had to endure working with those nations which are very male dominate, like the Arab nations. We have no control, nor should we, over the culture of other countries. More and more women are stepping up into positions of power in various countries, so I imagine the heads of some of these countries are really having to learn to deal with it. I often wonder what they say behind the scenes.

  4. Four years is a long time…especially as we get older. And that’s a funny thing unto itself. As we get older time seems to pass faster.

    What I hope for is that the next four years add to the prosperity and well being of this nation and that during that time both Hilary and Joe stay healthy.

    I worry about the things Hilary has been through lately. She doesn’t look well. I’m hoping that she spends the next two years taking it a bit easier than she has over the past four.

    She’ll make an excellent President, though I’m not opposed to Joe. I do believe she’ll have more support than Joe, but I respect both. Joe Biden has been the cattle prod on many issues that needed to be taken care of by Obama.

    But as they say, (whoever they may be) sometimes the best man for the job is a woman…it’s about time and could there be a more credentialed woman than Hilary?

    One great thing for the Democratic Party…they have a retinue of quality people that can step into the leadership role.

    • Yes they do. Actually it is three years until the primaries start. I just hope that the Republican Party doesn’t pick another loser like Romney. Personally, out of last year’s bunch, Huntsman wasn’t bad. I’d like to see Christie run in 2016. There are some things he’s done and believes in and against that I don’t agree with, but then that is going to happen with every candidate for any party. What I like about Christie is he thinks for himself and is not led around by the likes of Karl Rove.

  5. I’m sure that like most of us watching, Hillary just had enough of Republican grandstanding. Especially Rand Paul asking about running guns from Libya to Turkey(?) which was a totally unfounded story started on…you guessed it, Fox News.

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