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70-Year-Old High School Coach Shoots Two Assailants, Killing One, at a Detroit High School

On Friday night, 70-year-old Ernest Robinson, the coach for the girl’s basketball team at Martin Luther King Jr High School in Detroit, was ambushed by two young male teenagers while he was escorting two girls to their car at the school. 

According to local officials, the surveillance tapes show Robinson escorting the two girls to their cars at about 7:30 pm when two teenagers approached them and grabbed the coach by his necklace. One of the assailants was masking his face with his t-shirt. The tape shows what appears to be a gun – but this is not yet confirmed – in the hands of one of the boys as they began beating the coach. Somehow the coach managed to break away, pulled out his gun and shot both of the attackers. They fled on foot.

Michael Scott, 16, died in the median in the street. His 15-year-old accomplice collapsed from his gunshot wound and is now hospitalized. Robinson is a licensed concealed carrier and a reserve police officer.

The details are sketchy and the local authorities are not providing much information.

The national media has had almost no coverage of this shooting. I can only imagine why. Well, I’m pretty sure I know why, but that is not the reason I am writing about this incident….

With the War on Gun Control in full swing now, one of the arguments from the NRA and their radical followers is that assault guns and rifles are a necessity to protecting oneself and one’s family. Opponents to this classification of firearms, plus the large capacity magazines and cartridges, want to see these items banned. This incident provides another example that one does not need an AR-15 with 100 bullets in order to protect themselves as well as two young teenage girls.

We will never see all firearms banned, and I do not believe they should all be banned. Just more control along with some more common sense. A “normal” handgun with “normal” capacity is quite sufficient in protection. Although I’m sure Robinson did not intend nor want to kill the youth, he didn’t have to obliterate the boy with a hail of bullets.

On a side-note…. does anyone else feel like something just isn’t right with the story we have received?

References: Detroit Basketball Coach Shoots Assailants on School Property (VIDEO)
Huffington Post: Ernest Robinson, Detroit Coach, Kills Teen During Attempted Robbery Near High School: Police
IB Times: Coach, 70, Shoots Teen: Ernest Robinson Foiled Detroit Robbery By Killing Michael Scott, Police Say


  1. Well, it sounds like a justified self-defense thing, but that’s not what the anti-gun media want to publicize right now. They want to run every story they can find about murders, mass shootings, etc. And it’s curious that race wasn’t mentioned. It usually is.

    • Well, the anti-gun people need to wisen up. There is no way in hell that guns will be outlawed. No way. So stand up and support something that can happen, and that is banned these damn assault weapons. This is a very tragic event, yes. But it does show that someone doesn’t need an assault weapon to protect themselves.

      Have you ever been to Detroit? Nearly all the reports were from local news sources. One article also has a follow up video news report from a local news channel that interviews the deceased brother (it wasn’t YouTube and I couldn’t embed it). But it is a black neighborhood. That’s why it wasn’t reported nationally. “Oh just another ghetto shooting….” and that pisses me off!

  2. Someone starts beating on me and trying to rob me and I have a gun = he’s dead.
    I hate to think what would have happened if the coach hadn’t escorted the two girls to their car. It’s a shame, as it always is when teenagers get killed and not a popular story to promote right now but, this was in defense of himself and the two girls.

  3. Plenty of people have had to use their high capacity Defense Rifles, AR-15 and AK-47, in self defense. Remember the Rodney King riots? It’s a typical case of mass violence in which the police fled the scene, leaving the Citizens to fend for themselves. The Korean shopkeepers with their Defense Rifles were able to hold off masses of armed, murderous criminals.

    You’d rather the criminals prevailed and the honest shopkeepers died? For shame.

    While a handgun works in some circumstances, others require something with better range, penetrating power and magazine capacity. With millions of armed, vicious thugs from Mexico and El Salvador simply walking into the US with high-tech weaponry, preparing to take advantage of natural or man-made disasters, it is now more important than ever for the Armed Citizens to be prepared to fight back.

    The Constitution prohibits government interference with the Right of The People to have those Defense Rifles and to use them for just purposes. To disarm the Good Citizens, when the criminal gangs are becoming better armed than ever, is treasonous and is directly aiding and abetting enemies of the United States – the organized foreign gangs taking up residence here.

    Those gangs are so dangerous, Obama has posted signs in the southern US warning Americans to keep out of US territory that is now held by well armed foreign invaders.

    As anyone with experience will tell you, when all hell breaks loose, the handgun is just your tool to fight your way to the real firepower. And all hell will break loose again, just like it did during the Rodney King riots. It’s only a matter of time.

    • I only live a few hours from Mexico and I see nothing like you have described. I’ve been all over in El Paso, too, and never needed an assault rifle. Hell, I didn’t even need a gun at all. And I sure haven’t seen those signs you’re talking about. Look, I’m not going to argue. I can see you are firm in your beliefs even if most of them are rumors that you take for fact.

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