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What’s that? Ashley Judd versus Sen. Mitch McConnell for KY in 2014?

I had not heard about this possible line-up until just a few moments ago. If it wasn’t for Karl Rove, I’m sure I would not have heard about this possible race for the Kentucky senate seat in 2014 until Judd makes it official – assuming she does, that is. 

Ashley Judd In Conversation With The United Nations Office On Drugs And CrimeKarl Rove must be worried that McConnell may lose to the beautiful 44-year-old Hollywood star and political activist as he just released an attack ad about her. If Rove felt like Judd was no threat, he wouldn’t have bothered.

Ashley Judd has a home in Tennessee, which is where much of her political activism has occurred, but she hails from Kentucky as having grown up in the Bluegrass state as well as attended college there. And as an active member of the Democratic Party, she’s dropped some serious hints in recent days that she’s looking to get into the race there against McConnell.

dinosaur cartoon animated gif“The people of Kentucky need a fighter,” the thesp told Louisville’s Courier-Journal newspaper last month. “And certainly going back 10 generations, I’ve got some fighters from those hills in my family.”

I so wish I could vote in other states. I would LOVE to see McConnell go the way of the dinosaurs.


UPI: Ashley Judd could run for Senate
E! Online: Ashley Judd “Thanks” Karl Rove for Political Attack Ad
The Daily Beast: Karl Rove’s PAC Attacks Ashley Judd


    • I have no idea what she’s about politically. Love her acting, though. But right now, she’s opposing McConnell and that’s enough for me. Someone who openly declares that their goal is to make sure the president is a one-term president does not deserve to be in any political office.

  1. I’d love to see her in a real smackdown debate with McConnell. He wouldn’t know what hit him. She’s intelligent and has the poise to handle the good ol’ boy system with aplomb.

  2. Here in the Bluegrass State we are watching this with interest. Suddenly, McConnell doesn’t look all that invulnerable especially since the extreme right-wing of his own party doesn’t like him either. Whether Ashley is really serious remains to be seen.

    • This will be interesting. She has not come out denied this as complete rumor has she? Of course that doesn’t mean she will run. But if it is a complete and total rumor, I would think she would squash it. Although…. it may have been until Rove put out that ad. She’s got enough spunk in her that could piss her off enough to go ahead ad do it.

      If not her, somebody needs to step up to the plate and strike that ol’ boy out.

      • Ashley and her husband just announced a week or so a go that they are divorcing. Taking care of this personal matter is probably her priority. We do have other qualified candidates and why they haven’t come forward is a mystery? Perhaps they don’t think they can defeat McConnell.

        • What do you think? Since you’re a lot more local than I am, are there a lot of people (enough?) who would love to see Mitchums defeated?

        • Certainly in Louisville…unfortunately, this city is an island of tolerance in the conservative backwoods. Traditionally, Kentucky was a democratic state. I often wonder when the majority of the commonwealth’s citizens will tire of being on the wrong side of contemporary history. During the past presidential election, Kentucky was a complete non factor having committed to Romney so early. Mitch may be more afraid of his own party? Interestingly, I saw today that Rand Paul will be giving the Tea Party rebuttal after President Obama’s State of the Union address and the GOP’s response. How Paul became elected is another mystery to Louisvillians.

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