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Audio of guns firing near reporter caught next to gun battle with ex-cop, Christopher Dorner

Shocking audio recorded when a CBS News reporter, Carter Evans, was caught very near the shoot-out between the police and ex-cop fugitive Christopher Dorner near Big Bear CA. He apparently was about 100 yards away from the cabin that Dorner was hiding out in. “It was like being in a war zone,” he said of the gunfire. That is what it sounds like.

Audio of guns firing near reporter caught near gun battle with ex-cop

KCAL reporter Carter Evans / KCAL

KCAL reporter Carter Evans / KCAL

CBS News: CBS reporter caught near gun battle with ex-cop


  1. CNN played the latter part of this a couple of times this afternoon, and frankly the warbling reverb quality is such that I still wouldn’t have identified it as gunfire without the reporter’s say-so. Of course, CNN seemed to think Dorner was the only newsworthy story of the day. To them, world news only happens at the rate of one topic per day.

    • I thought it sounded like a gun. Did it sound different on CNN?

      With the work I do now, about the only way I can keep up with the news is internet radio. I never have time to read online nor watch TV anymore. And even then, I only hear parts of the broadcast since I’m so focused on my work. But I am getting so sick and tired of the progressive talk radio hosts I listen to all day. They’re all turning into their own conspiracy theorists, plus they just don’t shut up if something really bugs them. I swear to Horus, I will implode if I hear Randi Rhodes carry on one more time about that gawd damn post office. That really got her going.

      I’m going to have to search for sites that are a bit more neutral. I did find a comedy radio site actually out of Denver that I like when I’m burned out on news. It is 24/7 comedy. Bits and pieces through history. Like a 3-minute segment by Carlin. Then a line or two from Robin Williams. Then someone else. and so on and so on. I really like it.

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