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Vaguely Rude Place Names of the World

There is an interactive map that provides you with a ton of vaguely rude, or funny, depending upon your sense of humor, place names around the world. The map works very much like a Google map. You may left click + hold to use the grabby-hand to move the map around. Spinning the mouse wheel both directions (or using the + and – in the upper left corner) will zoom in and out. And hovering above the blue icon will give you a pop-up of the name in that location.  

I am curious as to the origin of many of these names – well, those in English-speaking countries. Naturally, in places like Phucket Thailand, it’s just the pronounciation that sounds funny to English-speaking people.

Here is a list of a few examples. I started in the States, of course, and just cruised east across the Atlantic and ended in Australia. No, I didn’t look at them all… way too many. I was rather surprised at the large volume of rudish names in the UK. And the few found in Australia I thought were just plain ol’ funny.

Beaver Bottom, KY
French Lick, IN
Cumming, GA
Intercourse, PA
Blue Ball, PA  (That’s what happens if you don’t get enough sex in Intercourse PA)
Wankers Corner Saloon and Cafe, Wilsonville, OR
Cum, Wanderlandia, Tocantins, Brazil
Bum, Southern, Sierra Leone
Pee, Margibi, Liberia
Wankie, Zimbabwe
Tit, Tamanghasset, Algeria
Wilsford cum Lake, Salisbury, United Kingdom  (Wilsford must have been a porn star to produce a lake-full…)
Andrews Knob, Cheshire, United Kingdom
Sluts Hole Lane, Norfolk, UK  (Beware! Never know what you’ll find in the deep, dark recesses of that hole…)
Spurt, Belgium
Fucking, Tarsdorf, Austria
Bitche, France  (Well, that’s France for ya)
Crap, Tirane, Albania
Vagina, Tyumenskaya oblast, Russia
Shit, Mazandaran, Iran
Poo, Himachal, India (I think this is cute…)
Dikshit, India
Phuket, Phuket, Thailand
Bollock, Sultan Kudarat, Philippines
Semen, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
West Intercourse Island, Western Australia, Australia
Tittybong, Australia
Chinaman’s Knob, Australia  (And what about the Chinaman’s Knob????)

I cannot embed the map as interactive, so click on the link below the map to take you to the website page of

Vaguely Rude Place Names Of The World

CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE MAP => Vaguely Rude Place Names Of The World infographic


  1. Yes, I live in PA, so I am familiar with Intercourse and Blue Ball. One needs one to avoid the other, but if you cannot have Intercourse, the solution to ward off Blue Ball is the third town nearby them called, if you can imagine, Bird In Hand. Yes, that’s a town in the area. I kid you not.

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