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These Were Actually in School Textbooks | Photos

Here are some examples of some errors, oddities, and just plain wrong items that have been found in all different levels of school textbooks. 

Although for the most part, they are all “facepalmers”.  Some, though, really do make me fear for the future of our children and our country.

I wonder how many people this may have messed with.

Errors in text books_ color blind hidden number wrong


This should have been left in the shape of a + sign, or the bars could have been created the other direction.

Errors in text books_ diagrams shaped like swastikas


Dick Shaft?

Errors in text books_ dick shaft


I guess that means after having a couple drinks, it become illegal to have more.

Errors in text books_ drinking while intoxicated


Well, it is correct. Just not helpful.

Errors in text books_ financial ratio



Errors in text books_ four fs


Has to have been a southern school.

Errors in text books_ got in trouble when seeing a black man


Now, I wonder how many people actually tapped it to open?

Errors in text books_ hyperlink in paper textbook



Errors in text books_ more to diversity than skin color and shape of genitals


I cannot even imagine what the purpose behind this drawing is about. Going to measure his penis?? The younger blond boy looks a bit startled.

Errors in text books_ naked boy covered by a large ruler


This appears to be college-level, but still. They could have created a different diagram that wasn’t penis-shaped.

Errors in text books_ network spanning tree penis-shaped


The answers could have been listed in a different order. I wonder if it was intentional…

Errors in text books_ perv


I don’t know. What do you think? Irish? Scottish descent? Definitely not Mexican. Although there are Spaniards who sport red hair.

Errors in text books_ photo of a caucasian mexican and his hat


Someone was having fun when creating this graphic.

Errors in text books_ physics and hand in garbage


So sad. I wonder if the “your vs you’re” was too difficult for the book author, too.

Errors in text books_ read or right


  1. Having once worked as a copy editor for an educational publisher, where it was my job to see that such things did not get into print, I am not without sympathy for the publishers. Still …

    • I wouldn’t want to do it. But several shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Like the cartoon naked boy and ruler… What’s up with that? Or the definition of “trouble.”

  2. The “shape of one’s genitals” quote gives new meaning to the “square peg in a round hole” joke…

    There should be a rule that people who write educational books should first be educated themselves.

  3. It’s Tex-ass. What do you expect? The unfortunate situation is that textbooks are generally written for the large number of Tex-ass school districts and because of the number of students therein, are adopted by many other states within the nation. In other words what happens in Tex-ass contributes greatly to the dumbing down of America. We might could should would do better than spreading ignorance throughout the country.

  4. This was priceless and had me chuckling all through the post! As for the Texas school textbook issue…I thought the digital printing revolution was going to allow publishers to print just the number of books needed by each individual state?

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