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President Obama, a light saber, and PhotoShop…

No, this isn’t an answer from Johnny Carson’s “Carnac the Magnificent.” It is what you get when you combine these three items together. A photographer captured a photo of President Obama having some fun with a toy light saber (…as opposed to a real light saber?) and some young boys and uploaded on the internet. Well, what do you think is going to happen? Here are some of the better Shop-Jobs…. FYI, the last one is my favorite.  

The original, untouched photo capture (nice scowl in the background – hey dude, smile!):

Obama Light Saber original


President Yodama

Obama Light Saber as Yoda


The Harry Potter Edition

Obama Light Saber Harry Potter edition


Obama Light Saber Ad Star Wars 2015


Obama Light Saber Jedi Obama against Darth Vader.


Chef Obama

Obama light saber Obama-Chef


And here’s my favorite….

Obama Light Saber against Boehner and McConnell


Buzzfeed: What Happens When The Internet Gets A Photo Of Obama With A Lightsaber?


  1. I agree, that lasts one’s a blast ( pun intended ) Love MM as the evil emperor. Kinda like ‘Chef Obama’ too.Looks like he can hold his own in a busy kitchen.

    • Yes, very busy. I worked over 14 hours on Thursday, 12 on Friday, and took a break from my computer over the weekend and slept. It’s all good, though. Those sites that demanded so much of my time have launched, and my workload just eased up a lot. Been missing you, too.

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