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The Best Captions from a Mitch McConnell Photo Caption Contest

Love it or hate it, Facebook can provide some damn good entertainment. Earlier today, Left Action posted this image of Sen. Mitch McConnell with that blank look of his on his face and both hands up in the air, and asked readers to caption it.  


Here are some of the better captions.

  • In the name of the father, son, and Holy Ghost….. Oh you say they already picked a Pope!
  • What?? My wife is leaving me for a woman? What?
  • My paycheck is THIS Big …. And I don’t even work!!!!!!!!
  • OMG! I just realized I’m GAY!..What do I do…..?
  • I wanna make Obama a one term President.” Did that happen before or after I had a lobotomy?
  • One does not simply… …respect the Constitution.
  • My bong is this big!!!
  • …and the fish was this big “I’m not lying.”
  • WTF! Blacks and women can vote?
  • REALLY she got her degree form U of Kentucky ? and one from HARVARD.
  • What you mean! Tax the rich…..
  • Oh my God, they found out we really are trying to wipe out the middle class!!
  • I coulda’ had a v-8!!!!!!
  • $5, $5, $5 footlong.
  • Great Jehosaphat! I may not get reelected if Ashley runs….oh Lord!
  • I apologize. I forgot to take my Beano today.
  • What poor people don’t want to be and just want a living wage???
  • Haelp, I haz no lips!
  • I only lied this much.

What captions can you come up with?


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