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2013 March Madness: A slice of Cinderella pie

Since I am on my computer most of the day, I watch the games via live stream. This year I noticed a button in the top right called “Boss Button.” Okay, I’m game (pardon the pun), so I give it a click – and I’m glad I did.  

March Madness Boss Button

The first thing that pops up is this graphic:

March Madness A slice of cinderella

I always enter three brackets on the CBS Fantasy site. I love it as it does all the work for me once the games start. Easy to read, etc. And I can also look back to see how many people picked a team.

Here are the upset picks:

5 Wisconsin (L): 83%
12 Ole Miss (W): 17%

4 Kansas St (L): 95%
13 La Salle (W): 0%
— If you can add in your head, I have no idea where the missing 5% is. I have a hard time believing that no one picked La Salle, so I’m thinking this may be an error and 5% actually picked La Salle.

3 UNM (L): 96%
14 Harvard (W): 4%

5 UNLV (L): 76%
12 California (W): 4%
— Again, I have no clue where the missing 20% went here. That’s a pretty good-sized chunk, too.

And the biggie here….
2 Georgetown (L): 99%
15 FGCU (W): 1%


Also in the “Boss” section is a watered-down version of Microsoft Office email manager with has seven folders you can click on and access. In the folders are company emails, notices, announcements, etc. Naturally, they’re all related to March Madness.

Here is one for example in the HR folder:

The Employee Handbook clearly states that office supplies and machinery are not for personal use. Yet, every year at this time we see a curious spike in the use of copy machines and a drastic shortage of toner, paper and yellow highlighters.

To date we have not been able to pinpoint a cause for this anomaly. As such, we have contracted consultants to help us troubleshoot this disturbing trend. Unfortunately they have stated emphatically that they will not be available to start work until April 9.

Until then, please refer to your Employee Handbook for ways to anonymously report any such behavior.

Thank you,
Allison B. Boring
HR Director

I like this one, too, in the Travel folder:

Our department has flagged the request for travel you submitted related to an event in Atlanta April 6-8. We currently show no work event in that city on those dates. Further, to proceed with this request you will be required to provide more detail than “some meeting or something”. Your timely response to this email is appreciated.

Also, on a personal note, didn’t you try this last year?

I.M. Downer
Senior Manager
Travel Department

And now the Michigan State and Memphis game has started, so time for me to go.

Go, Lobos!!! Oh, crap……………..

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