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Doggie Funnies! And some cat-stuff, too

Wow. It’s been several months since I’ve posted dog and cat humor. Time sure flies, and my doggie-funnies folder needs to be thinned out a little bit. So here goes…. 

dog humor husky hugged by polar bear.

Funny dog photo caption Clint Eastwood dog says get off my lawn curled lip.

Funny dog photo caption don't want to play catch.

dog animated gif dog slapping man.

funny dog photo visla stuck in hammock.

exhausted dog long weekend Funny dog photo with captions.

A dog and it's ball.

funny dog photo caption havent seen lipstick.

Cat blaming dog Funny dog photo with captions.

cat traps are working.

dog animated gif setting up feeding station.

husky fat


puma human hat


dog park is waiting Funny dog photo with captions


funny dog photo dalmation feelings hurt by cat


funny cat photo caught in window during escape


funny cat photocat tazered by birds


funny cat dog photo caption cat bite dog tail


Funny animal photos captions 02


Funny animal photos captions 01


Funny animal photos captions 03


Funny animal photos captions 11




dog animated gif covering self with blanket in crate


Go ahead... I can hear your thoughts. Please share with the rest!

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