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VENT-TIME! Reactions to proposed gun laws. Plus sarcastic gun-related memes and political cartoons.

It’s time for this. I’ve hit overload and about to blow a gasket. When I reference “you” in this rant, “you” is directed to the people who are completely against any new gun laws and regulations who are raising a big stink. 

I am so sick and tired of hearing certain gun-owners crying that their Second Amendment rights will be violated if any restrictions are put in place. Seriously? A violation of the Second Amendment? This “dumbing down” act needs to stop and you need to WAKE UP! To do background checks and remove military-grade weapons – including those that the NRA has just barely made legal – is not unconstitutional and does not violate your Second Amendment! We have rules, regulations and laws in place for a reason otherwise it would be a free-for-all, and this must include gun ownership.

If everyone is so concerned about their constitutional rights, then let’s be fair to the other amendments, too, rather than picking and choosing – just like how parts of the bible are ignored because they’re not convenient. How about the First Amendment? Then we need to remove all laws of censorship. People on TV will then be able to say “fuck” and “cunt” on any channel and any time they want. And if people what to talk about fucking during prime time when kids are likely to watch that show, they can. After all, this is the right to free speech. Solution… If you don’t want to hear language and talk like this on TV, then don’t watch it. What’s that? You have a right to watch TV without having your kids exposed to bad language and pornographic discussions of sex????….

…. I also have a right to be in public without having to worry about someone carrying and using an assault rifle with a 100-round magazine on me and those around me. The odds of being hit increase tremendously with this type of firearm and cartridge. After all, they were created for the purpose of killing the “enemy” during times of war.

What’s that you say? That’s not the same thing? No, you’re right. It isn’t. Saying “fuck” on TV will not kill 20 little kids going to school. Nor people going to the movies. And so on and so on. Definitely not the same thing.


If – and when – you pass a background check to make sure you’re not a felon, and don’t have a restraining order, and haven’t been diagnosed with a mental illness that known to bring on violence, you may purchase a gun. Ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom, the Second Amendment was upheld just for you. What’s that? You want military grade? Then why stop at an AK. Why not a shoulder-held rocket launcher? I’m sure the NRA can do something to categorize this as a firearm. What’s that? Oh, you didn’t pass the background check? Sorry about your luck. Except for the mental illness, you messed up so it’s time to soldier up and deal with it.

Do you realize that the people on a terrorist watch list can purchase a gun?? They cannot fly, but they sure as hell can buy a gun. The vast majority of people wanting stricter gun laws are wanting only that >> stricter gun laws. Not to take away all the guns. Sure there are some people would like them all removed, but not near enough for it to happen.

Have some common sense people!!! Stop being so melodramatic and paranoid! If the government (apparently this is specifically Obama’s plan) has this big conspiracy to come to our doors and throw us all in FEMA camps, you think a closet full of AKs will stop them? Hell no! And these FEMA camps? Oh, puuhhlleeeze. If you just think Obama wants to just take away our guns, THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN! Chill out!!! Oh, sure, hypothetically it can… but realistically, it won’t!!!

And would you really want to be part of the group that must remove go to people’s homes to take their guns? Hell NO!


Now, in reference to these FEMA camps we’re all supposed to be taken to…. I’ll play along with the “government is out to get us” conspiracy. Think about this…. Just who would be the ones having to do this? Our brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, and partners/spouses serving in the forces. It would take a MASSIVE amount of soldiers to round up the even a town of 15,000. I can guarantee that the majority would not comply as they realize US citizens include their family, their parents, their children, their spouses, that are living in these homes that we are supposedly all going to be taken out of.

Then there are the commanders of all levels. Do you think they would all agree to something like this? These are people, not drones and not robots, cyborgs, terminators, whatever. And not hypnotized or brainwashed – well, at least that severely. What do you think is going to happen? A secret word is said over all communication channels that when said will turn all military personal into walking zombie-like people with glazed-over eyes ready to do any and every command when given? “Must… take… people… to… FEMA… Camp… #0000BS….”

Newtown and Aurora alone were bad enough. Just imagine the shooting and deaths that would happen if this actually occurred. Although there are many politicians and appointed figures that I do not like at all, I am very confident that none of them would want this blood bath on their hands. Clinton was almost impeached for having his dick sucked. I am pretty sure a move like this would definitely impeach the president as well as remove anyone else from their position.

For something this massive to be successful, then it would take nearly everyone in our government and military to be in agreement. Not gonna happen.

I do believe that there is and has been a lot about and done by our government that we don’t know about. For example, I firmly believe that 9/11 is one of the biggest lies in history – but I’m not going to get into that here and now. But not everything our government does is a huge conspiracy theory.

In regards to filtering felons…. I agree that this alone will not solve the problem, but it’s a start and it will help. We must start somewhere as there will never be a perfect answer or fix. I have a very very good friend who is a felon who will never be able to legally carry a gun, and she is one of the most passive non-violent people I’ve met. Twenty-years ago she made a stupid mistake and committed a non-violent felony. She has no problem with this law if it is for the good of our society and will help save innocent lives. There are other ways to protect herself and takes those measures.

Stop being so melodramatic and paranoid! Leave the fantasy world of “what if’s” and enter the world of common sense. Remove the hate from your heart and replace it with compassion and wisdom.

Phew. I feel better now. Now, let’s have some fun at these idiot’s expense. Yes, I’m being cruel, but damn, these are so full of truth. Sometimes the truth hurts.



You know, passing a drug test isn’t a bad idea in order to purchase a gun. I’m dead serious (pardon the pun).






I’m actually including this photo below to make a point. This family is armed with non-military-grade firearms. THIS is what gun-ownership should be and is perfectly fine with the majority of people. So simmer down, Francis!

gun owners no assault rifles






These next two people are a perfect example of those people who think this is one big conspiracy and that Obama and the government is out to take our guns away and throw us in FEMA camps. If you are against any new gun control, these are the people you follow.

some people shouldn't own guns

why some people shouldn't own guns


  1. Did you see that there is a proposed law to allow people who were just released from mental institutions AND were put there by the court in the first place can buy weapons? That’s insane. Anyone who was forced to go to an institution by the court is a VERY effed up individual. People don’t end up there by accident and I can guarantee it as a former law enforcement officer.

  2. Wow, You people are all retarded. There is no sense in furthering any regulations on firearms. There is already too many regulations on legal gun ownership. We aren’t the ones committing crimes.

  3. Military grade weapons are already illegal for most citizens to own. Stop calling AR-15s military grade. They are semi auto, exactly the same as a semi auto hunting rifle…

    • They are modified enough to make them legal. If Holmes (Colorado) and the Sandy Hook shooter had used hunting rifles, there would not be this many dead. There is no need for this type of firearm. There is no need to own a rocket launcher, a tank, or any other item which was made – or initially made – to kill mass amounts of people.

  4. This is by far the most idiotic article I have ever read. AR-15’s are not military grade guns. They are just a “cool” looking semi-auto hunting rifle. Doe’s someone need 20 different types of them to protect themselves? No. Do you need 20 different types of basketball shoes to play basketball? No, but tell that to an NBA player. It’s called having more options to choose from while playing a sport. Did you ever hear of target shooting? Maybe you should Google it. You obviously have never went target shooting with an “assault rifle”. It is a great deal of fun. My opinion is that it is more fun than playing football. Football is unsafe, should we ban that too because people get concussions and ruin their lives? No, that would be ridiculous. I would never want to take away something that makes someone else happy. Don’t punish people that follow rules or the law, punish the people harder that break them. I have a right to go target shooting in a safe environment just like football fans have the right to play football. The fact that the gunman in Colorado killed a mass amount of people is not because he had an “assault rifle” it’s because he was crazy. Even if he wouldn’t have been able to get a gun he could have planted explosives in that theater. Should we ban every single product on the market that can be used to make a bomb? Just look at Boston… The fact is, inanimate objects don’t kill innocent people, crazy people do. If there is a will there will always be a way. How about train more able citizens to properly use a firearm to protect themselves and these killings would have never amounted to half of what they did. Education is power, not limitations.

    • Yes, crazy people do the killing, not the object. But since we cannot keep crazy people from killing or harming others, we can at least put a limit on what they can use to do so. Pretty soon the NRA is going to scream that grenades should be a legal firearm.

  5. Grenades are a little extreme. I am against the control of which guns we can buy and use but I am for them doing a psychiatric test on people who do want to buy them. It is the fair way to not punish the people who obey the law and plan on obeying the law. It’s also a way to make sure the people who don’t want to use them properly can’t obtain them. I believe that is the best possible solution for both sides to meet in the middle.

    • I’m all for a compromise. I just don’t understand why anyone would need a gun – even if “toned down” – that is based upon a military firearm. Those are made for the sole purpose of killing. One common factor between many of these shootings is having larger magazines. Yes, of course one doesn’t need to have them to do some serious damage. But, again, why would they be needed in the civilian world? At some point in time, a line must be drawn.

  6. Even as a Democrate, this is the dumbest article I’ve ever read. It is readily apparent that the author is uneducated on the issue. Mental illness is a barring factor in purchasing a gun. Considering that 38 out of 50 states are open carry states, you’re not going to win. Further more, person responsible with firearms is expected when handling a gun. It’s like the quote about bikers, “99% are law abiding citizens. It’s the 1% that break the law.”

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