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Little Tidbits from Michele Bachmann

Oh, yeah. One of my favorite people…. I mean, just how stupid is this woman?  

Michele Bachmann stupid minimum wage


  1. Bless her stupid little microscopic brain, she was just born too late. Why, just a mere couple of centuries ago, she could’ve owned slaves.

  2. I wonder how she’d like a job at “whatever level” and who the HELL taught her how to put a sentence together?? Potentially -which means possibly and virtually-which means nearly- according to my thesaurus.And I guess if you’re wiping something out, that would be completely. I see a lot of repetition here.

      • I would love for someone of your, obviously more advanced, mentality, would for a second, think about the effects of minimum wage. What does it do for you (the employee), what does it do for the employer? Take a classroom for example, and let’s assume a test is given. Should the teacher provide a minimum score of 70 for taking the test and the average all of the passing scores for the final result? In effect, this is your thought process. The problem lies in the fact that you’re teaching people to expect more by doing less. Why is it so hard for some people to understand socialistic welfare is a BAD thing? Please, challenge my last sentence and prove yourself a fool.

  3. I’d like to see both of them paid according to their ability. That would guarantee these bimbos would get pay that’s below minimum wage.

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