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What happens when you wring a washcloth in space? It may not be what you think.

Watching what life is like in zero-gravity in the International Space Station has always fascinated me as it does most people. I’ve seen liquids float around in little balls, the astronauts eat food floating in the air, and several other interesting things. So when I started to watch this video, I thought I knew what would happen, but figured it would be cool to watch just the same. Boy, was I surprised. It didn’t do anything like what I thought would happen.Ā 

Wet Washcloth In Space – What Happens When You Wring It? | Video

There are all sorts of videos uploaded from the scientists on currently on the ISS – some very recent like the washcloth video. So fascinating!!

ISS Tour: Kitchen, Bedrooms & The Latrine | Video


Wringing a washcloth out in space zero gravity


  1. If guys are careless on earth about keeping the seat…and lid down, can you imagine the problems they’d create in space? Also wonder if they practice their aim as part of the space program training.

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