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Amazon Review: The Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer | Humor

That’s right! No more mundane and risky banana-slicing with a knife. The Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer comes to the rescue! LOL… this is another product on Amazon where thousands of people have provided their reviews and photos of the product in action.  

Enjoy! (nom nom nom)

banana slicer

banana slicer review 1

Reactions when introduced into the wild


banana slicer curves the wrong way

banana slicer review 2

banana slicer Plantain bananas

banana slicer don't mix up with the banana

banana slicer review 3

banana slicer kids don't cut hair with it

banana slicer ermahgerd


  1. What a riot but, not that far fetched when you watch as much late television as I do LOL. I noticed the gismo seems to be made for a much larger than average ‘banana’. Perhaps the next step is for bananas is to use the pos-t-vac.

    See, I told you I see a lot of late night TV. ;->

    • Aaaaggghhh!!! Scary! Sometimes I’ll doze off and when I wake up, some info-mercial, weird product, etc is on. I can’t grab the remote fast enough.

  2. I’m retired and I’ve reached the point where I watch just for shits and giggles. The people they interview for the pos-t-vac rate highest on my laugh-o-meter.

  3. Trying to remember where I saw this, or people making fun of it. Either on late nigh (Kimmel, et al) or perhaps on The Chew. I don’t know what’s crazier, the things people think up to sell or the people who buy those things.

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