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Man Opens Fire at Houston Intnl Airport with an AR-15

Ayup. Fortunately the only injury was a self-inflicted gunshot wound by the shooter himself. Reports vary but I believe the shooter is still alive.  POST-PUBLISHING UPDATE: The self-inflicted gunshot would was fatal. Reportedly there was a suicide note in the shooter’s backpack.

This just happened minutes ago. Very little information is available. I’m posting about this because I wanted to mention that so far I have only heard about AR-15’s being used in an aggressive manner – one meant to harm and kill. I’ve yet to hear a wonder-story about how someone used their AR-15 to defend their home and family. I’m sure the stories are there and that there are several people who have defended themselves with this weapon, but when the same firearm has the potential to kill many within a fraction of a second, then it’s not worth it. People have been defending themselves for decades with pre-assault rifle weapons. Simple handguns, hunting rifles, etc.

I agree. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. So damn time we start putting some restrictions on the people. The guns only do what they’re told to do and nothing more. It’s many people who make bad decisions and shouldn’t have such a weapon in their hands in the first place.

Hmmmm… seeing as the airport was named after Bush, something like this was bound to happen.



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