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A Face of the Insane

… rather unnerving….

Michele Bachman The look of the insane


  1. A little too much Botox, a few too many facelifts, fake teeth and some bad rhinoplasty and cheek resculpture.

  2. Sorry to disagree. While the mad woman of Minnesota may indeed be crazy, the true lunatics are those who elected her. Her eyes remind me of a phrase I once heard…’I looked into her eyes and found no one home’.

    • Ha! You are so so very right. At least there’s enough in the state with smarts to pass the marriage equality-whatever it is they just passed.

      • Sorry ’bout that. I checked her bio and she’s younger than me, by quite a lot and I don’t have those crow’s feet. Jeez I wonder how bad she’d look if she hadn’t had all that work done.

        • Great… now I’m going to have nightmares! 😉

          I really just cannot stand this person. I can’t call her a woman… too insulting to our gender.

  3. I just had a cartoon image of her face on a nasty fungi toe and I’m laughing so hard, I can barely type. 😀

  4. WP is really messing up, I KNOW I subscribed to follow your blog, then I noticed I was not receiving any notifications from your blog on post. I was unsubscribed. Glad to be back.

    • I wondered what happened. That happened to me, too, recently with you. You remember. Glad you’re back. 🙂 I haven’t posted much, been so busy. But going to try to do a few.

      • Why do you think WP does that? I didn’t wonder what had happened to you, I just thought you got busy with life and didn’t post so much.

        Oh man this makes me mad.

        When you get some free time, lets talk.

        • Sure. Can talk anytime. I’m going to email you from my primary email so you have it. I don’t check this email as often.

        • I would like to enlist your help with something if you believe you are

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          I am asking you to blog about this injustice done these 6 men. This

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    • lol… that came across my Facebook page from another Michele B – hater. Already signed. But don’t stop letting me know. I only know because a friend told me. I am not going through the media like I used to just cuz of my job now. I did see a headline about that (the FBI) but haven’t read up on it yet. That put a big ol’ smile on my face. She is an embarrassment to women and a huge insult to my, and the general public’s, intelligence. She really thinks voters are that stupid to believe everything she says.

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