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The Never-ending Escherian Stairwell – Go right back to where you started from

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) has an incredible set of stairs which were designed by a Filipino architect Rafael Nelson Aboganda ala Escher-style. An architectural marvel that seems to violate the laws of physics and basic logic by looping back into itself. An optical illusion you may actually participate in. 

Just check it out….

Oh, FYI… the first few minutes are [yawn] boring. Skip ahead to 1:35 to see the wonder of these stairs.

Imagine RIT 2013 (feat. The Escherian Stairwell) – Ep. 3

Here is some cell phone footage from a group of RIT students who found the stairs and recorded their journey to nowhere.

RE Escherian Stairwell: We found it!

Want to know the details of this stairwell? Just check out these sites:

RIT: Search for the Escherian Stairwell at Imagine RIT
Kickstarter: The Stairwell Project: Building a Modern Myth

escherian stairwell drawing


escherian stairwell video screenshot


    • I was for sure it was a real optical illusion. I don’t believe in magic, but know how powerful illusions can be when combined with the power of suggestion. I stopped the video, looked for any type of clue. Everything. And couldn’t figure out how they did that. Then I did some more research about it….. Did a great job with the video.

    • The stairs are an illusion and so are the side railings…..there are actually no stairs…..on either sides, though the video looks edited to me….this actually is possible using artwork imagination

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