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Extremely High-Waisted Pants a New Style? I hope not.

Of course, designers always try to come up with something unique and different, which these extremely high-waisted pants definitely are. In fact, the slim style on the left seen below isn’t all that bad and can be found at ShopBop. The horrid jumpsuit on the right may be found at Urban Outfitters (I think they belong in the “garbage outfitters.”) However, when I look at these two photos, there is one image that I cannot “unsee.” Below the models, there is a photo from People of Wal-Mart. This is one of those “oh, please, no!!!!” styles. 

designer high waisted pants and jumpsuit

available at walmart boobs tucked in pants


  1. OMG, Walmart woman is such an awful way to start my day! I do sort of like the white pants, although they remind me of those costumed guys on stilts.

  2. Is the Walmart customer a man or a woman. He/she doesn’t seem to have anything on on top. What happened to “No shoes, No shirt, No service”?

  3. Good grief Michelle, are there no limits to what people will wear to draw attention to themselves?!?! 😯

    Of course, the last image isn’t that far from how I dress in the confines of my Urban Hermit castle. Those hoping to inspire me to leave those confines should keep that in mind… 🙄

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