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Queen Elizabeth II Signs Marriage Equality Approval

Queen Elizabeth II gave royal assent to the marriage equality bill that cleared UK Parliament this week, ensuring that it will become law, the AP reports

House of Commons Speaker John Bercow told lawmakers that the royal assent had been given Wednesday — the day after the bill to legalize same-sex marriage in England and Wales cleared Parliament. The queen’s approval was a formality. It clears the way for the first gay marriages next summer.

Gay couples will have the freedom to marry in England and Wales.

Love this Queen collage someone created….

rainbow queen

(ps… to my WordPress friends… yes, I am still alive)


  1. I think royalty is a terrible anachronism, but Elizabeth carries it off so graciously and with such modern sensibilities, you have to love her. And yes, delightful collage.

    • lol.. Oh, I’m here. New job keeps me online 12 hours a day so when I’m done, I don’t stay online much longer. Today a lot of my clients are traveling so it’s relatively quiet and I caught up on a lot last night.

  2. Congrats on your new job. Nice Gay Pride rainbow Her Majesty created with her wardrobe. I heard she wears single bright colors cause she’s short and wants to be seen.

  3. This is good news. Good for old Queenie! 🙂 I had a feeling that gay marriage was going to be more of a “rough road” but am SO glad to see that the country of my birth has done what I consider to be the right thing!

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