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True Horror Stories of Life as a Wal-Mart Employee

WALMARTGawker has published several stories told by various Wal-Mart workers about the conditions, treatment, and incidences they have endured at the Sam Walton-founded store. The store that was – in it’s early years before the children took over – a place one would be proud to work at and stocked with American-made products as well as promoting family-values and ethical work treatment. 

Not any more. I’m sure Sam Walton has turned over in his grave a thousand times by now.

Here are a few tales pulled from Gawker’s “Life at Wal-Mart: The Workers Speak” Vol. 1, Vol. 2, and Vol.3. I have edited some only due to length so that this post does not turn into a novel. Please check out the Gawker articles for more details and stories. All stories are completely anonymous, including the location.

From Volume 3:


An employee tells their story about what happened after they accidentally dropped a bottle of applesauce when night-stocking.

“The jar had shattered against my arm and two shards of glass had punctured my inner forearm in two places. The first cut was roughly two inches, and second about an inch. The cuts were deep enough to see bone, veins and more veins passed the bone…. I was driven to the ER…. and I was given 10 stitches….

I was driven back to the store, and told that I was have to take a drug test as soon as the local drug testing facility opened. Since the incident occurred at around 3 a.m., and the drug testing facility opened at 8, I was told I should just go ahead and finish up my shift. I was 19, it was my first job, so I agreed. I was sent back out on the floor to continue stocking the applesauce an hour after getting 10 stitches and glass picked out of my arm while wearing clothes that were absolutely soiled mix of blood and applesauce. I looked like I had just murdered someone. But why should that matter to Wal-Mart?”

The 75-year-old employee who must be smoking weed

“We had a very nice elderly woman working in the crafts department and had been with the company and in that one store for more than 25 years. A box fell off a high shelf, hit her in the head…. The store manager tasks me with interviewing her to fill out an incident report, and this woman is nauseous, dizzy and exhibiting [the] signs of a concussion. I ask, Shouldn’t we take her to the hospital? Nope, let her fill out this form first, she’s fine. Then the store manager pulls me aside and starts asking me if she said anything weird, if I thought she was covering her tracks and if I thought she smoked weed. Seriously?… she’s about 75 years old.

“The store manager then has me take her to the company’s drug-testing lab on the way to the hospital. The whole time this lady is complaining about feeling sick and having a headache, and then we have to wait almost two hours at the lab…. Then I take her to the hospital…. It comes back she has a mild concussion and can go home…. I drop her off directly at her car so she can go straight home…. go back in the store, log into the computer system and clock her out. The store manager finds out I did that after she was discharged from the hospital with “just a concussion” and rips me for it, saying she was fine to go back to work….”

Fired for turning in a child porn photographer

“The worst story, though. Involved my Girlfriend at the time. we were both hired for the Christmas rush…. She worked in the Photo lab. One day she had someone come in and drop off a couple roll of film, as she was developing them, she noticed some nude pics, which they are allowed to print. The next roll had child pornography on it, at first they seemed like normal pics, kid in the bathtub sort of thing, pics all parents have of there kids. But, then things went downhill. She immediately stopped the roll, and took it out of the machine and called the manager. They told her to just give the roll back to the guy, and tell him they couldn’t develop it. After the manager left, my girlfriend did the right thing, and called the cops. They arrested the guy, and fired my girlfriend. I was never so proud of anyone, as i was of my girlfriend.”

Thanks for sacrificing your pay so we can profit

This would actually be a great thing to start out the day or shift with if everyone were well-paid and treated, and had the luxury of full benefits. But considering the circumstances, this is nothing more than being bent over without using vaseline.

“But the absolute worst thing about working there had to be the Walmart cheer. [T]he daily Walmart pep rally… basically consists of all the available “Associates” gathering in a big circle to hear about how much money “our” store had brought in the previous day and how we all needed to work even harder so “our” store would bring in more money than all the other Walmarts nearby tomorrow. And to seal the deal we would all take part in the Walmart cheer, a ritual that simultaneously drains you of all hope for the future while at the same time somehow numbing you to the point of lethargic resignation to your lot in life.”

From Volume 1:

No Unions Allowed

“A few years ago I spent a summer working at Wal-Mart between my second and third years of university. I’m Canadian, and the Wal-Mart I worked at was located in a city of about 50,000 people. I wasn’t particularly enthused about spending my summer working there, but I was a student and I needed money. Here are some things that stick out in my mind about the experience: […]

“Wal-Mart is definitely anti-union. During my employee orientation, myself and a few other new hires were made to listen to a lecture from the store’s HR manager about how unions aren’t “necessary” at Wal-Mart because the employees are all treated “very fairly”, and about how we should report any evidence of union activity to our supervisor. We were also strictly forbidden from discussing our pay with other employees. […]”

From Volume 2:

Wife having a C-section? You’re fired!

“My Walmart story is from what happened to my husband. In 1998 we were having our second child. I had to have a C-section and was being put to sleep for the surgery. He worked at Walmart for a few years by then. He put in the request to take the days off since he had to be with our 5 year old during this time. They ignored the request and scheduled him to work anyway. He called in to say he would not be at work and the reason. Instead of being understanding at all, they fired him because they said he didn’t show for work.”

For my mother

I am leaving this in it’s entirety. What a loving child had to watch her mother endure all because it was about the only job in their small town.

“I am emailing this story of behalf of my mother, who worked at Wal-Mart in a small town in Texas for 25 years. She recently retired, and is the happiest she’s ever been.
In addition to the anti-union stance, no overtime pay, and the newly instituted salary cap (for cashiers, stockers, etc, not management), and declining-to-the point-of-uselessness health benefits (cost goes up, benefits go down), I watched Wal-Mart suck the soul out of my mother.

“My mother was a single parent, and in our small town, Wal-Mart is about the best one can do to support a family. For a while, it paid the bills. Then the cut in hours came. My mother, usually scheduled 40 hours per week, was cut to 25, and was told it was because “Wal-Mart isn’t making any money.” She and her co-workers would work five hours per day, and still be expected to do the same amount of work they would normally do in eight hours. Then came the threats: “If you don’t do what you’re supposed to do I WILL fire you and find someone who can,” said the store manager.

“Sprinkle on top of that some of this: ‘You know, you’ve been here so long, I could fire you and pay two people for what I pay you,’ said a manager directly to my mother and some of her co-workers who had been there 20-plus years.

“Another younger employee at this Wal-Mart, also cut to 25 hours, was forced to work multiple departments in her 5-hour shift, and was told if she didn’t she would be fired. This young woman, also taking care of her children by herself and fearing being fired, attempted suicide. She survived and was asked to sign a document saying she wouldn’t sue.

“If you could make it through the day either not being harassed or withstanding it, the job itself was horrifying. My mother worked in softlines (clothes) and would have to take care of/dispose of/clean up the following: used tampons in the dressing room, piles of clothes people urinated on, baby diapers, dirty underwear, dirty clothes switched out for newer ones. And that wasn’t even the worst. Grocery recently had to deal with a massive rat infestation, and the stockers were told they couldn’t use anything other than a damp towel to wipe rat turds off the produce. (I’ve heard this problem was fixed, but still, nasty.)

“No one says anything. Everyone fears being fired. And if they are fired, they don’t have any other options for work in this small town. Even if people finally find courage and complain to the head office, and a ‘clean-up crew’ comes to visit the store, things always go back to the way they were before the higher-ups paid a visit. That’s what Wal-Mart does: wipe out the other businesses, scare people into submission, reinforce the idea they have no options, reap the profits of low-cost labor.

I don’t know if you’ll even get a chance to read this, but I know my mother never felt she had a voice, and it’s nice to let someone hear her story. We’ve heard people say that complaints about Wal-Mart are unfounded. They aren’t. This is the life people are sometimes forced to live.”

The ever-present problem of feces…

“The issue of feces is an ever-present problem at all Walmart stores, even at the relatively upscale location I worked at in Carlsbad, California. I once saw a woman stash a soiled diaper behind items on a store shelf. With several trash cans nearby, I could never figure out why she did it…. Another time, a detached, distracted mother refused to walk her young son the bathroom. After he finally soiled his pants, she became irate, and humiliated him by forcing him to continue walking the store with her, even as he left a trail of smeared feces on the ground behind him…

“Then there were the numerous times I had to be escorted to my car at the end of a shift due to safety concerns, whether because of physical threats from angry customers, threats from methamphetamine cooks attempting to fraudulently purchase pseudoephedrine, various ‘warnings’ put out by local ‘gangs’ stating their intention to randomly kill a specific ethnic minority in our parking lot, or finally, because I had just been terminated, and the customers and staff had to be protected from me as I left the store one last time!”

Walmart. The high cost of low prices.

Several more reasons why I love to shop at Costco. Plus Costco has such a better quality of product. I save money at Costco; am helped by employees who enjoy working there and are paid fairly and have benefits; and nothing I bring home is from China (yes, I do check all products regardless of where I shop.)

walmart equals poverty march


  1. Then there was the fire in Bangladesh where 112 people were killed. Fire doors were locked. Extinguishers didn’t work, there were no emergency exits and when the alarm sounded, workers were told to get back to work. Walmart claims they didn’t know the work had been sub-contracted to Tazreen Fashions where the fire occurred. To which I say…Yeah, right!

    My only experience with Walmart is a phone survey I took with the promise of a gift card in 4-6 weeks. I never got it and several months later I got a call to take the survey again. I told the woman what had happened before and hung up.

    • Unfortunately where I live, they are about the only store to go to for certain items. Unless I want to drive 30 miles to Target. But I do keep it to a minimum. I so hate going in there. The place is repulsive especially knowing how they treat their employees.

  2. i started at Walmart in 1997 in ga., as a meat cutter with 15 years experience (started at 11.70 an hour) I worked six months there, i new then that Walmart was going to be in trouble. When I moved to Florida I transferred to SAMs club and spent 10 years there SAMs club had there own problems but it wasn’t bad. When I moved to the west coast of Florida I had to transfer back to Walmart by this time they stop cutting meat that’s when things started crumbling. I’ve been in retail for 30 years now, and I’ve never worked for a union I don’t think we need one I think there are plenty of employees that we can start our own union. (Walmart associates alliance) the associates can come together and take charge we all can change things. The reason I put my starting pay with Walmart is so all the people who say Walmart treats there people good, i’ve been with Walmart for 17 years and got raises every year and only made $5. Now im topped out I have been for two years so I won’t get a raise. For all who work for Walmart you know what top pay is. I know some people will I make good money I do, but I have 30 years in meat cutting. I’m also a minority there are far to many associates on some sort of welfare. That is unacceptable. Remember we can make changes if we come together.

    • For many years, I thought Unions were going to be a thing of the past. Now, with the power that companies like Wal-Mart have, I am becoming a believer in Unions once again. Wal-Mart does need one. Costco is proof that employees can be paid well, starting at $15+, paid vacations, and other perks, and yet still make a profit. Different is, Costco owners are millionaires, not billionaires. Personally, if I were a Wal-Mart employee, I would feel like the Waltons stole from me and are laughing all the way to their banks in the Caymans (or wherever they shelter it). Poor ol’ Sam Walton has to have turned over in his grave a thousand times. This isn’t what he envisioned at all. He wanted all US made products, and to take care of his employees. A very honorable beginning.

  3. Please take the time and read this letter. It may save someone else from experiencing what happened to me.

    First off, when I first started writing this letter to myself so I would never forget how humiliating working for Walmart was and how I was treated.

    I am a 72 year old woman and just recently moved to the Falling Waters, WV area. I have been retired as a Customer Service Representative. Prior to being a CSR, I worked most of my positions at an administrative office job. I purchased a villa Falling Waters, WV and was very comfortable being in an entirely different state but it seemed to be so friendly and I just loved it here.

    It has been a year since moving here and I was interested in finding a job and get started in possibly a customer service position again. Age being a factor, I had noticed that stores hire seniors more than offices these days so I received a call from Walmart after filling out an application in the Summer and at the time was not interested but called back a week later and the lady in personnel had said the only thing opened was a cashier. I informed her I had not been a cashier since I was 16 years old and she acknowledged and said that was all that was opened. I asked if I could go for it and she said the application was out of system. I immediately entered another in the computer and the next day called personnel back to ask if they had received it and they had and ask me to come in for an interview. I did and spoke with one of personnel’s assistant who interviewed me, asking questions, etc. She then informed me that I had the position. She stated they would put the background check through and will notify me when it is completed.

    Approximately three days went by and since I had not heard back, I called on a Wednesday the lady I spoke with said they would be calling me on Friday for a training session on Sunday but she did not know if the background check was completed so she informed me that she would call me on Friday for the training on Sunday. I waited and Friday came but no call. Then Saturday but when I called, I was informed by the operator that personnel was closed for the weekend. I called early Sunday (started calling at 7:30 a.m.) and the lady in personnel answered the phone. When I asked if they were having the meeting/training this morning and gave her my name, she said she had called me. When I said I didn’t get the call, she told me she had called. I asked her if she was having the training now and it was just after 8. I said I could leave my house now and be there in minutes. It turned out I got there at 8:15 a.m. and she had a space at the table for me.

    This was Sunday, the 29th of November. We were all advised what time to come in on Tuesday to start the computer training. My time was at 8 a.m. so from the first day of December through to half a day on December 6th, I had training on the computer for the cashier position.

    On Monday, December 7th I was off and went back on the 8th of December at 8 a.m. I trained with a few different Customer Service Associates, I was amazed the cash registers were entirely different than the ones we were trained on, in the computer training course. I was helping an associate bagging and the associate would tell me what she was doing as she did it on the register and with me not being familiar and was unable to see the register. That was day one at the register for a full day with a customer service associate. I was on the less than 20 items register with this associate. On the 9th of December, I was shadowing an associate when the Assistant Manager, who I had never met before but figured who he was by the picture in the personnel office, came up beside me and then in front of me and said “follow me,” “follow me,” like three times. I said “you must be, gave his name, Hi, I’m Pat, nice to meet you.” He said “I know who you are.” I thought to myself, this is the first time I have met the boss of “SUPER WALMART?” Quite rude! He was walking down an isle in the grocery area and stopped in the middle of the isle and said to me “when are you going to be on a register?” Well, to tell you the truth as I told him, I did not feel comfortable to go on my own since I just started and for the first time out front with the registers half a day on Sunday, December 6th, day off on 7th and shadowed cashiers on Tuesday December 8th. This was Wednesday, December 9th and he wanted me on registers and he said “well, you’ve had long enough to learn everything.” I told him, this is my first experience at a register since I was a teen and with the computer training on one register and the register we were using was entirely different. He did not care, He said they were the same, he wanted me on a register. I said ok.

    I went back to the cashiers and started working on a register with help (shadow) standing behind me. All of a sudden, I hear a CSM say to the cashier with me that the Assistant Manager that just said he wanted me on a register, wants me off the register (???) with no explanation. I thought I’d done something wrong but when I inquired with the CSM, she did not answer me. Employee’s need to know when and if they are making an error and what it was, in order to keep it from happening again. So, I stood with someone the remainder of the day. I took a picture of the register to take home to study. Still, even though the keys were common sense, there was a lot to learn that went along with them. I said to an associate that had asked me if I was nervous about being alone, I said yes I was, not knowing as much as I felt I needed to and did not want to mess up with customers but knew I had to in order to learn. A lot of it was joking but she laughed thinking it was funny, so I did to. It took the lump out of my throat to laugh. So that became our conversation most of the time as we passed each other. She would say “still nervous” and I’d say “sure am,” but a little I was but not as much as I thought I would be.

    The next day, December 10th, half the day, I was being shadowed by an Associate when I had to back out of something and she said to press a certain key. I must have asked her 3 times where it was. Then I was definitely nervous, especially being the day before I was told that the Assistant Manager wanted me off the register after telling me he wanted me on. A customer I was waiting on was getting frustrated, so I in turn became flustered. The associate took over and I was pulled off the register and told to go to help the greeter. Now, in my mind, I thought it was punishment and I really needed to stay and learn from my mistakes and take care of it but I was told I was holding up the line. Now, this lane I was on was a full on register with lots of people with full or over full baskets. One of my friends asked me why I wasn’t put on a less than 20 items to learn the ropes. I don’t know that answer myself. I knew the next two days I was off and then Sunday would be busy and, for myself, I needed as much training as I could even if it was less than 20 items line. I was not given the option.

    I went to the greeter’s area and even though it was crowded, I felt I needed more experience even if they put me at a less than 20 items isle. I had assumed that since it was busy everywhere, I could be useful at the greeter area but was thinking I’d much rather be learning (and learning by my mistakes) the register. The next two days, Friday, December 10th and Saturday, December 11th I was off and thought to myself I better study a lot while off so I can keep up, but I had company on Saturday so did not have the option.

    Sunday, back to work. I started at the register but seemed like less than an hour and I was pulled off the register and sent to the greeter area again. They told me due to the upcoming holiday and Sunday, it was overloaded and backed up so they needed as many to have the register flow. I understood and went to the greeter area. A neighbor came in and I said hi but when she left the store, she was creeping by and I had not given her an update of my situation with my personal situation, so after looking around to make sure no one was there, I ran over to her and talked a minute or two about what was happening with me. Shame on me. Only took a couple of minutes, if that, no one was coming through the door so I just was back to the greeter’s desk by the next customer to come in.

    In the p.m, another greeter came to work with me. I was hoping she would tell me they wanted me back at a register but she was coming back from break or lunch and greeted at the other entrance into Walmart. She asked if I was coming on as a greeter and I said no, and I really needed to get the experience at the register. She looked a bit upset, like I thought I was putting down her job. I said I was just getting behind not learning more about the register. She said she was a greeter and I had told her that I had no idea what they did and noticed the job has a lot more of a variety to do than I had originally thought.

    Anyway, the greeters that I helped in the past day had informed me that I was to only check the carts that have an item not bagged. So I would let them through if all was bagged. The lady I was working with now told me I had to check all the carts and take the receipt and check the items and look in the bags while going over the receipt. I told her I was never told that. And said that was way different than the others told me to do. She said they had to do that too. I was just talking to her and said that’s happened a couple of times with the cashiers too. One does things different than others. Not saying any of it was wrong. It was just different than others did it. I told her that I was just wondering, that’s why I’m asking. Well, after that, I could tell I must have upset her. She did not like me at all. I was not trying to offend her or belittle her in any way but trying to get an answer as to why some do and some don’t. She has been working for Walmart a lot of years and I told her that was great.

    I just wanted her to know no one had told me to check bags even if nothing else was in the basket and she reiterated to check baskets even if all was in bags. I’ve never had this position and noticed greeters before and only asked the questions because I never knew what they did. I in no way was not trying to intimidate her, but I guess she took it that way. If I was doing the job, I wanted to know what to do. Some did this and others did that. I was only asking as a new employee. I think I offended her. But it was not intentional at all. This was Sunday, December 13th. I felt I was missing out on my learning the register, but when you’re told to do something else, I just did it and grin and bare it.

    I was off on Monday, the 14th so no register that day as well as Friday, the 11th and Saturday, the 12th. Anyway, on Tuesday, December 15th, I cashiered in the morning and made a couple of errors but as associates told me, “it happens, don’t get upset and make sure you don’t do it again.” I said ok and did not think about it except I really had to be more careful. I was shocked, as well, when I did it. Tried my best to do better. I had about 4 compliments from customers, who knew I was new, about how well I was doing so I felt a bit better. Then I gave back the wrong cash and the customer told me about it and she said not a problem and of course I had to hit the action code to open drawer and I guess it drew a flag. Well, that was the end of me cashiering. I was told to greet again. I hate making errors and I hate myself bad enough for the mistake that I take extra caution the next time.

    While I was working greeting maybe five minutes, the Assistant Manager came over and said “Patricia, come with me now.” I rushed up to him but he kept walking and I told him I had left my purse and coat at the greeter desk. He said “go get it and bring to personnel office.”

    I then knew I was in trouble and thought I hope he doesn’t fire me. I was almost crying when I opened the door to personnel and the Assistant Manager, and three others from personnel were there too. The Assistant Manager proceeded to tell me he had noticed I did not swipe 2 cans and I acknowledged and said it happened too fast and I was going to get the bag when the customer picked it up and put in the basket. I apologized and said it would not happen again and after I did that I was more conscious of what I was scanning and caught myself. Most all I caught and got them back. I’d be happy to pay the money back of anything they know, including the 2 cans I did not scan. It was not intentional.

    Then the Assistant Manager proceeded to tell me I was too slow, I explained I had not had much time at the registers, and when I told him I was trained on a different register (touch screen) in the computer training than what was in the stores. He said they both had the same things on it and I have had more than enough time to know the registers without mistakes. I know the registers were the same but different looks and actions to each. The Assistant Manager proceeded to say that he has had complaints from other employees and how I am downing their position and I’m talking bad about Walmart to customers and employees. I raised my arms up in the air, I was so appalled at what he was saying and I said that never happened. He then said I could go back and try cashiering again and see if I could do better and I just told him “after what you just told me about the customers, other associates and people complaining about me, you think I can just go back and work with the people that said that. That did not happen! I was never rude to anyone and if it was taken like that, it makes me apprehensive to even work in a place like this. I did none of those things. I would never down Walmart.” All the years I have worked, and worked 4 jobs at once when I was single with teens, and never had anything remotely similar happen to me. These people at Walmart gave me bad vibes. Never have I dealt with people so rude and no respect for anyone. AND, I never treated any other person with disrespect. I took off my badge and said I don’t want to work for a company that treats people like this.

    Now, I am not writing this to get my job back. In fact, as upset as I was when I got home on Tuesday, December 15th, I was astounded and so upset that a person, employee or anyone in this world would be so rude and have NO RESPECT for anyone, to work for Walmart again has never crossed my mind. I had written on my calendar daily of what happened at Walmart, that when I got home, I proceeded to type up this experience on my computer. Writing this all out made me realize what a type of person and how the Assistant Manager reflects on Walmart and told myself not to worry about it. So typing this out, made me feel better about me quitting and made me realize it was not about me at all but about the Assistant Manager and how and who he is and the more I read about him reviews and was told about Walmart, on the internet and from people that knew what I was saying because they knew someone that used to work there and said the same thing. Disrespect! This made me feel a lot better because it was not just me and I know I did everything I was told and did not have any qualms about giving my badge back and letting the Assistant Manager know I would not want to work for Walmart again after his disrespect.

    In my 47+ years working, and working for much more prominent companies and people, have I ever run into such management, so rude, with no respect for any human being except themselves. People I have worked for, and with, are treated the way they would want to be treated.

    AND, THEN, today, Saturday, Deccember 19th, I receive a Certified Exit Interview Report which states “inability to perform job.” That is absurd! I am in disbelief of any company like I have experienced in Walmart would say this about me. I want this taken OFF my record. There is no way I had inability to perform this job. I feel with five and a half days and 2 full days as a greeter so let’s just say three full days of training at a register (one half of which was by myself), I performed what I was told to do and made mistakes, as one Customer Service Associate told me “we all make mistakes and learn from them,” the last day I was there on December 15th. And, as I was leaving heard an associate make a mistake with the change and apologizing for it. I’m human like I want to be treated.

    I even had compliments AT THE REGISTER as to what a great job I did. I had always asked the customer to bear with me as I was new and they acknowledged friendly.

    I have NO DESIRE to ever work for Walmart again. The only reason I decided to send this and not just keep for myself is the absurd “Inability to Perform Job” that was on the Exit Interview and I want it removed from my record.

    If I run out of any food, I’ll find another store to go to even if it’s 10 miles away. My intensions are not to get anyone in trouble, and as I mentioned to begin with, I only wrote this out for myself due to my keeping notes on my calendar, but as it has been noted on my exit interview, INABILITY TO PERFORM JOB, I want removed and off any employment record. It is defamation of my character and I WILL fight this accusation.

    • Thanks for sharing. I wouldn’t worry too much about that being on your record…. if any future employer were to contact Walmart to confirm employment, that’s all they can do. Walmart, nor any employer, can provide specifics like this. If they do, then contact an attorney, but I’m sure they won’t. Plus an employment check is through HR, and all they can do is provide start and end dates. They cannot even state if you were fired or left the job.

      I think it was very wise to leave. You were experiencing an unhealthy amount of stress since the moment you filled out an application, let alone actually work there. I guarantee that if you had stayed, you would be constantly berated for either minuscule stuff or for no reason at all. Walmart is no longer what Sam Walton wanted. It’s all about profit and employees are expendable. I say good riddance to bad rubbish.

      I will say I’m somewhat impressed…. 72 years old and you’re willing to work a job that requires standing the duration of the shift. Plus you seem comfortable around newer electronics — you mentioned that you took a picture of the keypad so you could memorize it at home. That may not seem like much to you, but I share a house with a woman who is 63 and she has a horrible time working her phone and computer.

      Anyway, wise move to leave and good for you for telling them why. You’ll be able to find other employment, I’m sure.

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