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WTF America! Wake up!! You are so screwing up your future!

I have been wanting to do this head-slap below to every person that follows and believes the greedy and corrupt politicians, businessmen, corporations, and the far right Republican Party because they are told there are wealths to be found when government restrictions are reduced. 


Oh, good gawd…. Why do you think the economy collapsed? Personally, I think Clinton repealing the Glass-Steagal Act really caused a lot of damage in addition to Reagan and both Bushes, so it wasn’t just those clowns.

Then add in the brainwashing that any government regulations and control are baaaaad words and are akin to communism. Honestly, the way that Capitalism has evolved into greed and corruption, Capitalism is becoming the bad word and one I really am no longer proud to say.

From a posting in Daily Kos, here is the Silhouette Man as he wonders wtf is wrong with Americans. I hear ya’, Silhouette Man. I hear ya’. Primarily, ignorance is where our problems start, and many of our leaders want to keep it that way.


Sources in the Poster

Student loan debt growth, take your pick of sources. Here’s one

For-profit school deregulation.…

Military expenditures, top 15 countures.…

This comic adapts some text from Letter of Support for Quebec Students from Nordic Students


  1. NAFTA also played havoc with jobs, sending them to Mexico where they could pay workers less and deny health benefits. Also companies that stayed used the threat of moving to discourage unionizing, leaving workers to choose between a union and a job.


    • Oh, crap. Didn’t think about that. Especially if in Florida. They could shoot me for slapping them in the head, unarmed of course, with some M&M’s in my hand, and consider that legal as some sort of self-defense. That my head-slap was going to kill them.

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