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Imagine! Hurricane Michele Bachmann instead of Katrina; Hurricane John Boehner; Rick Perry….

I love this video! It would be so just. Here is the description given: 

Since 1954, the World Meteorological Organization has been naming extreme storms after people. But we propose a new naming system. One that names extreme storms caused by climate change, after the policy makers who deny climate change and obstruct climate policy. If you agree, sign the petition at

Truthfully, though, I wouldn’t want to name a hurricane after any of these destructive people. I don’t want to wretch every time I hear about Hurricane Michele Bachmann. And I’m not sure why, but I oddly find the idea of naming hurricanes after these fools to be rather offensive to hurricanes. But this is sure a lot of fun to watch and enjoy.


eye of Hurricane Michele Bachmann


    • Oh, I agree. But it just doesn’t seem right and it’s hard to explain why. I think that some of the extreme right fools would get off on something like this and enjoy the attention.

  1. Not offensive to hurricanes but an insult to Mother Nature and her power. The idiots you named would probably love to have hurricanes named after them, as you point out.

    • That’s what I wanted to say, but just couldn’t quite put my finger on it… that this is an insult to Mother Nature. Thanks!!!

      And yes, it is. FYI… I’m at the Hyatt Place in Colorado Springs for the holiday. This place actually sucks.. but they allow dogs. Going hiking at Garden of the Gods tomorrow.

  2. Perhaps if the hurricanes were named after them, they’d be a little more likely to provide aid to the victims afterward…wait, I forgot whom I was talking about.

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