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“No Longer Obligated to Pronounce Boehner Correctly” and Other Shutdown Memes and Funnies

Today marked Day 11 of the infamous ultimate Republican/Tea Party tantrum, the Government Shutdown led by the biggest brat of them all, John Boehner, which, btw, is now to be pronounced as “Boner.”

Really, as citizens, I just don’t feel like there is much we can do about it. Congress – primarily the Republican Party and Boehner – are not listening to the public, and definitely don’t care about the jobs of their fellow government employees. Hell, Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL) thinks they shouldn’t get paid.

At a teletown hall on Thursday, a constituent called in to say, “The people that had to work should be paid. But the people that are home watching Netflix and whatever, I’m not sure that we should be sending them checks.”

Yoho replied, “Well, when we voted on that they were supposed to come back to work as part of that deal. … I agree 100 percent with you. If they’re not working they shouldn’t get paid.” (via Huffington Post)

Since they’re not listening to the public, only those who fills their pockets and bank accounts, the one thing I can do is make fun of them and hope some sarcastic humor can help pull us through. What completely baffles me, though, is how the Republican Party has the lowest approval rating in history – even FOX News mentioned it – although they provided different numbers – yet the GOP refuses to budge and keeps saying because the people doesn’t want Obamacare plus a bunch of other crap.

Oh, yeah. Obamacare. That one wonderful bill that passed which I will take advantage of shortly. Yes, the site has it’s problems. But any site that receives that type of traffic, especially the first day, is going to have problems and run slow. That’s the nature of the internet and hot sites. Just gonna happen. I’m patient, and will sign up soon. No, I won’t receive subsidies as my income doesn’t fall into that category, but I will be able to get AFFORDABLE health care. Being a 1099 contracted employee, there isn’t any company insurance available for me. When I left my previous job, my co-pay went from $360 to over $700 with COBRA. Just me. I couldn’t afford it and had to turn it down thus living without health care for a year now. The calculations with the Affordable Healthcare Act are looking at around $320 without subsidies (since I don’t qualify). That I can do.

But the one good thing I hope that comes out of this will hopefully show at the ballot box both in November 2014 and 2016. It is up to us to keep reminding everybody when time comes closer.

Now, without further ado, political cartoons, humorous and sarcastic memes, and some very good anti-Boehner slams. To be led by one of my favorites….

boehner one-term president demand for debt ceiling increase political cartoon




















  1. I like the pic of Bon-er with a condom on his head, proving once and for all, he IS a dick. And may I add, one in need of some Viagra. Hey, Medicare covers that…right?

  2. Ironic isn’t it? Viagra is covered with no good purpose other than to allow old farts to f*ck but, women of child bearing age may not get coverage for birth control. Personally, I don’t trust men to be conscientious enough to carry condoms either.

    • That’s why it wouldn’t hurt for women to carry a few. Nothing wrong with that. I think it shows strength and self-confidence…. and intelligence.

  3. Yeah he’s added over 7trillion dollars to the deficit sense he’s been in office. The new debt that the federal government has taken on during Obama’s presidency equals around oh $62,000 per household…

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