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Hodgepodge of Humor

A hodgepodge of images, funnies, memes, etc. I’ve kept for some reason or another. Time to clean out some of my folders. All meant to make you smile, laugh, or groan. 

Click on any image to view in full size. Feel free to cruise through using your mouse or arrow keys. Beats scrolling…. and scrolling… and scrolling.


  1. Like them all but, my fave has to be the cat turning on the touch-on lamp to get fed .It reminds me of my cousin’s cats who would jump up on the kitchen counter and press the electric can opener when they wanted to eat. We don’t train cats…they train us.

  2. On taking a second look this morning, the first thing that occurred to me was that if Sarah Palin had the Asia T-shirt, she wouldn’t think anything was amiss. But then, I can be nasty before I have my coffee. LOL

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