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Angie’s List Outdoes Herself with the November Mag Cover

Normally my Angie’s list monthly magazine goes from my mailbox directly to my recycling bin (yes, I should unsubscribe – I get all I need to know on the internet). Today was a much different story, however. The tongue-in-cheek humor is top-notch, and the fact it is a play on one of my favorite shows of all time…. Angie, you have outdone yourself! 

FYI… I could not find the image online or on Angie’s List website, so this is a scan. Here is Angie’s November “Toilet Issue” of Angie’s List.

Change of thrones angies list

If this doesn’t make any sense, then you haven’t been watching HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” Too bad. One of the best seasonal epics I have ever seen, and has won award after award.

Change of thrones angies list


  1. I’m pretty sure I’d love Game of Thrones but I’m too cheap to subscribe to HBO for just one show. I missed The Sopranos for the same reason. Same with Angie’s List. I’ve thought on occasion it might be helpful, and didn’t realize it wasn’t free until I got to some fine print well into the sign-up process. Oh well …

    • Only reason I subbed it was because I had a broken valve on the toilet. Flooded. This city is full of plumbing wanna-be’s. But then there are a lot of “unofficial” plumbers who are better than the “official” businesses. Anyway, I wasn’t sure so I tried out Angie’s list to see what would come up. Kicker is, in the meantime, I had sent an SOS out on Facebook and turned out a friend of mine is a plumber so he came to the rescue. I don’t know if there is a renewal to Angie’s list – I better check – as I don’t need nor want to resub. My housemate does, though. She has a dog grooming business and is listed in there, so she needs her subscription.

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