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Breitbart picks up Senator Rand Paul’s column – Calls Paul an “original thought leader”

The far right, tea-party website Breitbart has picked up the plagiarist Rand Paul’s editorial column. Breitbart News CEO Larry Solov announced Wednesday:

“We are pleased to add Senator Paul to our lineup of fearless, original thought leaders….” 

breitbart404“…original thought leaders…”??? Are you serious? I have to admit, though, I understand why Breitbart would bring the Senator on board… they are a perfect match. They completely compliment one another with their same tea-bagging, ignorant, hateful values. It’s a match made in hell. Does Solov’s comment indicate that he does not agree that Paulie plagiarized Wikipedia as well as some other columns? Just reinforces the fact that this site is not journalism but rather a stew of lies and right-wing propaganda. Imagine if it had been a democrat that had been caught plagiarizing. The Tea-baggers would be screaming for the plagiarist to resign their seat, and then demand to tar and feather the offender first only to follow with the deathly drawn and quartered punishment.

Here is a perfect example of what this site is all about… the story currently listed at the top of Breitbart’s site:

“The Nuclear Option: Sarah Palin Knew a Death Panel When She Saw One”

It starts out with:

“Mama Grizzly warned us this would happen. Under Obamacare, the sick and weak and old would stand before death panels of bureaucrats to be granted life or death.”

Now I must go throw up.


    • OMG… I have spent – and wasted – a lot of time and energy commenting back and forth with the Breitbart fans. Talk about an totally ignorant and hateful group of people. All I did is comment that I had success with the ACA and you would have thought I just released the devil! I don’t ever care to return back to that site again.

  1. Those who do not pay attention to history, are destined to relive it. When it comes to the Tea Baggers in America today, refer back to the National Socialists in Germany in 1933/34. The comparison is considerable. Joseph Goebels would be proud!

  2. While I know that the present Healthcare Act internet access debacle is a reality, I can’t help but wish an investigation would take place and suspect that one might find a bit of Repuglican involvement in perhaps paying off those who were hired to implement the program insuring it would be screwed up.

    Maybe this is just an overly appologetic excuse for the ineptitude for those responsible for getting this program off the ground…but there again, maybe not? Remember Nixon’s Dirty Tricks? History often repeats itself.

    Even if so, what ineptitude! With all the time to get this into place, how could those in charge allow this to take place or not become inspective at a much earlier date?

    • Oh, I have often suspected that there was some impeding going on somewhere in the mix of the whole site creation. This was passed in March 2010. Plenty of time to build a properly working system. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is some sort of internal “sabotage” of some sort.

  3. I’d never heard of Breitbart News, so I went over to the site and read the article about Paulie coming to work for them. I read some of the comments expecting the right-wing nuts to defend him but, the majority were people knocking him and Breitbart. They’re too many to quote and too good to miss. I urge readers to take a look for a laugh.

    • Go read the comments about Palin and her death panels (the link is in this post). I’ve been bantering since last night with these ignorant fools. I keep telling myself not to go back, ignore their replies… but I do.

  4. OMG!! I went there and read your posts and the replies. Wow. It always cracks me up that the right wingers say liberals are the name callers yet I saw quite a few leveled by them. Also after you left they got into a conversation about Nancy Pelosi killing baby seals (?) yet no one mentioned that Sarah Palin shot wolves from a helicopter…go figure.

    • Yeah? It was all I could do to just delete the emails notifying me of the new comments. Actually, I still replied to “Uncle Milo” because he was civil. Very much right wing, but he’s about the only one who didn’t call me a liar and had thought-provoking comments. But everyone else was a bunch of whiny hateful assholes. I was called a liar more in that one article than I have been my entire life!

  5. Your posts were intelligent and that must have scared them ( except Uncle Milo) and, as my momma always said:

    People fear what they don’t understand
    Hate what they fear
    And kill what they hate

    So when I hear Republicans blasting President Obama, the ACA or anything else they whine about, I try to remember this.

    • I just hope they end up giving it a try. Well, many may not have a choice. Then I think we’ll start seeing most people shut up. There will be the exceptions that the exchange really just didn’t help, but most, I think, will find the pricing is more competitive.

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