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Top 10 Lies Fabricated by the Republicans about Obamacare

I’m not talking about the problems with the roll-out of the ACA. Nor Obama’s promise that everyone will be able to keep their current insurance. I don’t really want to get into this debacle, but quickly I think this was due to bad information given to him by his advisers when creating the plan. I do not believe Obama knowingly and purposely lied to the public. 

obamacare_haters-rallyAdditionally, I don’t really like how some of the progressive media have tried to completely twist the facts in an attempt to cover up one of Obama’s now infamous quote in order to justify “no one will lose their current insurance.” That is exactly what the right-wing does. Just because I’m a liberal/Democrat/Progressive – whatever the description is you want to use – doesn’t make it okay. Just deal with it and move on.

Back to the actual lies. These are some doozies! And I mean complete and total lies all being used to stir up fear-mongering. Not one shred of evidence to any of these, and there never will be because they are, well, lies. Honestly, they’re way too far out there to even think any president or congressman from either party would add them into a health care bill.

#10. “Obamacare will have death panels – Sarah Palin.

How many supposed claims of “death panels have we been though now? They just never seem to die (sorry, couldn’t help myself). Besides, it’s Palin flappin’ her lips here. Enough said.

#9. “Obamacare is nothing more than the largest tax increase in the history of the world,” – Rush Limbaugh.

Similar response as given to Palin – this is Limbaugh. One of the biggest liars in the known universe.

#8. “Hidden in the code is language that means users ‘waive any reasonable right to privacy of your personal information’” – Joe Barton.

Evey new bill seems to have hidden language. Everything is a conspiracy, ya know.

: As I have signed up via the website, there was not one single question having to do with my health. The closest came with asking my age and gender. Feel free to read about my experience with the site and the outcome.

#7. “No doctors who went to an American medical school will be accepting Obamacare” – Ann Coulter.

Actually, I’m not quite understanding what she means here. Is this another big conspiracy where all American-shooled doctors are banding together and refusing patients signed up via the ACA? And besides, why would any doctor care? They just want to be paid. These are insured patients and the insurance companies will be paying their portion of the bill per the coverage policy.

#6. “Members of Congress, thanks to the Obama administration, are going to be the only people in America to get subsidies in the Obamacare exchanges” – Jeb Hensarling

Whaaa??? Congress are the only ones who will get subsidies? And they didn’t even go through the exchange? I refuse to acknowledge this nonsense. Who is this “Jeb” anyway?

#5. “A strong bipartisan majority (in the House of Representatives) voted to de-fund Obamacare” – Ted Cruz.

Show me the numbers, Cruz. Next time, use your toes as well as your fingers to count.

#4. “Obamacare will question your sex life” – Betsy McCaughey

ROTFLMAO! I wondered why the website asked me if I had any whips and chains hidden in the closet. Who is Betsy, anyway?

#3. “Obamacare provision will allow forced home inspections by government agents.” –, writer: Joe Newby). 

I hope they call first so I can have them stop at the store on the way over for milk and eggs.

#2. “[Under Obamacare] 75% of small businesses now say they are going to be forced to either fire workers or cut their hours” – Marco Rubio.

Some may say that only because Rubio has spun a bunch of lies about what will happen. So far, since October 1, I haven’t heard nor seen one business close or fire someone due to the implementation of the ACA.

#1. Due to the word “Dhimmitude” being on “page 107 of the health care law, Muslims are specifically exempt from the government mandate to purchase insurance.” – Chain email.

Just go to the ACA document posted on the internet and do a search (control+F in any browser) for “Dhimmitude” and you’ll find NADA, NOTHING, ZERO, ZILCH appearances of said word. Another total lie by an Obama-hater who is determined to prove that the POTUS is a Muslim and/or Muslim-lover-sympathizer.

And here is the posting by PolitiFact which totally debunks this claim.

There you go. Now, a major hat tip to the website,, for posting this list. Pretty cool site – go check it out. Each of the 10 lies are taken verbatim from this site, but all the comments and the opening opinion are all me. No plagiarism here. See how simple that is, Paul? Just give credit when credit is due.


  1. There are some doozies in there, including a bunch from people I never heard of. (Hence I won’t even count them as official liars. They have no standing at all.) You’d think at this point the GOP would have sense enough to just shut up and watch the debacle. But they just can’t resist piling on, as always.

  2. sadly, this BS all could have been avoided with Medicare For All, (which our side screwed up by calling it “single payer” and which idea the GOP killed in it’s crib anyway.) continue…

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