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White Supremacist’s DNA Test Shows African Descent

I love it! When it comes to these hateful, ignorant people (white supremacist’s), it just doesn’t get any better than this. 

Talk Show Host Informs Stunned White Supremacist He's Part AfricanOn The Trisha Goddard Show, Craig Cogg – a very vocal Nazi-loving racist – volunteered to have his DNA analyzed… and he is 14% African-American! To be exact, the talk show host states, “sub-Saharan African.”

Naturally, Cobb is in denial (it’s not just a river in Egypt, ya know). His first reaction was to call it “statistical noise.” Huh?? So that’s what statistics become when you don’t like or agree with them? He also claims the results were rigged, a normal reaction for a racist.

The best part of this clip is the other lady who is sitting next to Craig Cobb (and I am sorry, I don’t know her name). As soon as Tracy says he is 86% European – doesn’t even start sharing the 14% African blood yet – the “lady in red” starts laughing her ass off. She knows what is coming as there really is no such thing as 100% pure these days. She has the kind of laugh that you cannot help but join in – especially because of the reason behind it.



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